Fitness gadgets to give your 2019 a head start!

A new year, a new me. With the help of some new gadgets in an attempt to stick on track with those resolutions (Oops – Spend that Christmas money wisely!).

January, the year of the new you. This usually means setting resolutions to hit the gym 5 times a week, train abs 4 times a week, do cardio 3 times a week, complete a marathon and ride around the UK on your new cycle. Sounds do-able, just. Surely treating yourself to some new gear and equipment will only increase those motivation levels even more, and well, if you can’t track it, did you really do it?

Beginning with the wearable trackers.

Going the distance without the tracker, is there really a point? Fitbit’s Charge 3 (, £129.99) is a neat addition to any wrist, it’s lightweight and an extremely durable accessory to measure your heart rate and even sleep pattern! With a boastful 7 day battery life and 50 metre water resistant coating the Fitbit is not to be overlooked.

The Apple Watch Series 4 (Apple, £399) is a very close competitor to the Fitbit, however the Apple Watch has more of a focus on the heart and plotting pulse readings on the screen rather than having to plug it up to the computer and download them.

The Soundtrack to your fitness.

Listening to music is a must when exercising, whether you’re weightlifting to Eminem or running through the park with the Greatest Showman Soundtrack on you want your music to sound exceptional to give you that extra push!

The Powerbeats 3 by Dre (Apple, £170) are real leader in exercising sound accessories. Their sweat and water resistance ability really allows you to grind out them Summer and Winter workouts, as well as a reliable 1 hour battery after just a 5 minute charge, there really is no excuse!

Denon’s new Wireless Sport earphone (Denon, £149) feature special ear hook technology so they’ll stay secure on the move. They have been designed specifically using an advanced digital signal process, in order to help and inspire you to reach those fitness goals even faster.

The outfit for success.

Beginning with one of the most innovative items of clothing we’ve ever seen. The Athos’s Compression Capri Tights (Athos, £260) have sensors within their lining offering real-time bio-metric tracking from muscle activity and calorie expenditure. This can be linked to certain apps to show just how hard each of your muscles are working.

Secondly, the Blaze Explorer Jacket (Blazewear, from £200) is another item not to be missed. This jacket features TriZone technology which keeps you warm at the touch of button! Now if that isn’t changing the game, we don’t know what else will.

The accessories for that extra little push.

Technology is getting pretty nifty in this modern world, so nifty that you can now even buy a smart water bottle. Yes, you did read that right. The Hidrate Spark 2.0 (Hidrate Spark, £40) you simply link it with a health app on your phone, and it alerts you in order to remember to drink water!

Finally, the Sony Wireless Speaker, the SRS-XB501G (Amazon, £270). Truly a gadget of the future. This isn’t just a portable speaker, it doubles up as a weight which you can use to workout with! Now even we have to admit, that is pretty impressive thinking by Sony.


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