Why fitness classes are taking over the British fitness industry


Fitness classes, usually a female dominated environment as they choose to workout and motivate together, while the males sling weights around acting like alpha males as they listen to loud music with occasional head tilts to fellow lifters.

Have you been in the gym and noticed the influx of traffic (mainly women) coming in on the hour every hour? Out of curiosity you may have paused your workout to check the studio to see what they’re up to, or even gone over to check the class time table, immediately being put off by the like of ‘Legs Bums and Bums’ or ‘Body-Blitz’. If that person is you, you may be making a huge mistake and missing out on a massive training trend coming to the UK.

Training is becoming more social, and we’re not just talking about the increase in selfies online and YouTube workouts being posted every minute. With American training techniques such as CrossFit taking over the UK rapidly, the British fitness industry is soon catching up and working out together is becoming more common.

We are aware that in recent years these classes have been filled with females wanting to improve their physiques without ‘adding bulk’ however that has all changed in recent years! Gone are the classes focused specifically for women. You can now join classes for callisthenics, strongman and HIIT, essentially almost every different type of training is now available within a group format!

Now it’s important to understand that gym classes are based on time not reps, they’re available for everyone from the gym newbie to the elite go-ers. If you’re giving it your all those larger Dumbbells will ensure you sweat and reap the rewards in such a little amount of time. ¬†Group workouts also ensure you get motivation, competition and enjoyment all of which are three scientifically proven aspects needed to workout to the best of your ability! Our constant desire to win will ensure that we push our bodies past the pain barrier to beat one another, or at least not lose. If competition doesn’t inspire you, the coach will, look at is as if you have a personal trainer, albeit one you’re sharing with a bunch of other sweaty individuals.

If you haven’t found the training method that works for you then give group classes a go! Just look at them like a Subway sandwich, you can choose what you want to try and if you don’t like it you don’t have to go back!

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