A drink designed to help you sleep…


Throw the bed lights and whale sounds CD into the bin because a new drink claims it can help you have an unbelievable nights sleep with ease.

The drink, intelligently called snooze is the invention of Hans Vriens. The former managing director of Red Bull and the man who previously invested all his time in giving us ‘wings’, now creates a drink to get us a good nights kip.

Snooze is a natural drink with effective natural herbs to support a sleep cycle, while aiding you to fall asleep faster, for longer. The herbs include: passionflower, lemon balm and Californian poppy to name a few.

The drink is available in ‘regular’ and ‘strong’. Regular will help you relax during the day and snooze off easily at night. While strong is set to knock you out over night and ensure you’re full rested for the next day.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Until they reveal the price. You have to buy a minimum of four cartons for £11.96 or £2.99 a carton via the company’s website. However, you can be cheeky and try both drinks for free by simply signing up and paying the delivery costs (but you didn’t hear that from us).

Snooze state ‘Enjoying a full natural sleep through dream land increases life expectancy and improves performance capacity’ from which they aren’t wrong. However, until you’ve tried it maybe don’t go forgetting how to count sheep, as you may need them, for now.

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