Do you have the traits of success?

In your old job, you probably had someone who did the marketing, someone who did the selling and then you. Now you’re running your own Personal Training business, it’s all on you! It’s believed they’re are 8 traits which determine your success.

1 – Midset

Might sound cliché however it’s true and your mindset is not to be under estimated what so ever. Your mindset changes based on your knowledge and experience, therefore the more you do and learn the more you change. It has been said that failure is best for your mindset, as it allowed you to understand what and why, and then have another go.

2 – Branding

By this we don’t mean an all singing and dancing logo. It’s all about creating a brand and culture within your business which your clients can feel at one with. Your branding should answer questions which people have about your business and defend you when people talk about you.

3 – Money

This can be touchy for most people. Throughout our schooling lives we are never taught about finances and how they work, therefore by taking time to learn that yourself will set you up in the long run.

4 – Sales

The majority of us feel awkward about selling our service as we believe we don’t have the ability to do it, and we don’t like to brag about why our service is the best. Ensure you get confident about what you can provide a client and the service will begin to sell it’s self.

5 – Systems

Systems ensure client retention, new client pick up and allow you to take time off without you having to constantly check your emails. Ensure you invest in methods which can make your life as a PT easier.

6 – Marketing

A poor PT with good marketing will make more money than a good PT with poor marketing essentially. Your marketing represents you and what you stand for. Ensure you invest in this yourself or even look to out source and ensure your positive reputation remains in the public eye.

7 – Management 

Understanding how to manage you and your business is essential. By making sure your management skills are always growing you shall always ensure that the business is developing.

8 – Skills

Skills are important for the business, however usually Personal Trainers begin to understand the basics and then out source the rest. This is due to the fact its more financially efficient to get someone else to have the skills for you as it allows you to concentrate on the business and you.

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