Do you get feedback?

Obtaining feedback from clients is an extremely important aspect of any business, it can ultimately make or break you.

Gaining feedback is vital from clients, as you personally have helped them succeed and change shape to what they wanted to look like! There are two ways in which you can gain feedback from clients –

Verbal feedback – This could happen at the end of every session as you gain their thoughts as to how the planned session went and how they feel their progressing. This is a quick and easy method of gaining feedback as it’s more personal to them. However, the negative of this is that potential clients don’t know what’s being said as they aren’t there to hear. You could always ask your client if it’s okay to post it as you create your own template for a social media post, however you have to check with the client what they say and you can’t exaggerate what they’ve said.

Written feedback – This could come in the form of a survey, questionnaire, email or social post. Ensure you have an option to leave feedback on your social page, and maybe think about creating a Trustpilot account where people can leave their testimonials about how you’ve helped. If your clients feel comfortable, try get them to add before and after pictures to their feedback as potential clients will not only be able to see their positive words, but they can see how you’re training has actually transformed a life!

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