Developing a working relationship with Pre & Post Natal clients

It is important to present yourself and organisation positively to all clients, this is expected of all professionals no matter who the client. However, the aspect of coaching and training pre/post-natal clients is a heavily debated subject, so you need to be on top of your game at all times.

It’s essential you establish a rapport before expecting the client to work with you. A pre/post-natal client may be wary about training due to the health risks it could create. It’s hard to hide the fact that there sadly is more risks and contraindications behind training pregnant women. There will also be a feeling of uncertainty, as the client will want you to show knowledge and understanding of what they’re going through, whilst ensuring they are safe.

The rapport will be created through maintaining a high level of practice, creating trust, showing empathy, and ensuring your client feel safe and secure in your environment. As a trainer, you have to use your own initiative to judge the rapport and setting between you and the client.

A great way of building rapport will be showing your knowledge in terms of training and health warning. You need to set barriers with your clients in what you want to achieve, slow and steady steps are advised. You also need to ensure your client knows what to look for in terms of contraindications which you won’t be able to physically feel or see yourself, for example if they feel dizzy, they need to know to tell you.

Have you ever had any problems developing a relationship with a pre/post-natal client?

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