Designing your logo

Business logos. They are one of the first things a potential client will see when they look at you or your business. Logo’s essentially represent your business as a whole, and for that reason you need to be proud to wear it!

When creating your logo, there are several aspects you need to think of when creating it:

1 – The size

Now size isn’t everything, sometimes the smallest logos are the most effective. When printing logos onto garments it’s likely certain printers will have certain requirements about what size they can print. So it’s best to do some research on prices and local printers to you in order to help you pick a specific size.

2 – The design

Simplicity is key. If you begin adding complex shapes and shadows it can take away the importance of the logo and make it hard to recognise. Think of some of the biggest companies in the world, their logos are next to nothing! Nike? A tick, Adidas? Three stripes, Gymshark? A shark head!

3 – The colours

The colour scheme can make or break your design! You need to question whether the logo colours will compliment the colour of your garments! There’s no point having a black logo and then investing in a black training top! It’s best if you create two of three versions of your logo in different colours, this allows for flexibility and ease when using it.

4 – The text

This is where it can get tricky, although long strap lines may seem a good idea to begin with, they can actually become quite tricky especially when printing. You also have to think about how big writing will come out when it’s printed! Your text could become illegible, wordy or even non-existent! You could always prepare a small logo for the front of your clothing, and then place a larger logo with strap lines, webpages and contact details on the back.

Ultimately, what do you need to remember? Less is often more! Your logo can create an impression that lasts a lifetime, so make sure you’re happy with it!


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