Dare you eat like Eddie Hall?

He is Britain’s strongest man, the worlds strongest man, and the world record holder for the deadlift.


Eddie Hall has achieved worldwide respect as being a man of colossal size and strength.

The old saying of ‘You are what you eat’ just about sums it up for this monster of a man especially when the food is combined with strong man training.

Here we take a look at what the powerhouse from Stoke Eddie can put away on a daily basis.


Pre Breakfast:

2 scoops of weight gain protein powder with whole milk




100g of porridge with jam

2 scoops of weight gainer protein powder with whole milk



Green Tea with coconut oil



Mid Morning:

2 slices of toast with peanut butter




300g steak or chicken

300g rice or pasta

200g vegetables

Protein Bar

Green Tea with coconut oil



Pre Workout:

2 bananas

500ml of whole milk

Peanut butter

75g almonds

15g coconut oil

Energy shake



Post Workout:

2 scoops of protein with 1 litre of whole milk




300g mince meat

300g spaghetti

200g veg

Protein mousse



Pre Bed:

Protein bar



Total calories is 9,300

This mammoth menu is created to see Eddie through his intense training regime which is a mixture of strong man training, resistance training and cardio.

Eddies diet can change throughout the year depending on competitions and has been known to sometimes eat over 15,000kcal in a day!

So that’s the kind of diet you need to be the worlds strongest man! Do you dare to give it a go?










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