Contraindications for Pre & Post Natal clients

It is thoroughly advised that each fitness professional screens their pre/post-natal client intensely. ACOG (2015) have set a list of absolute and relative contraindications to exercise during the pregnancy phase.

Below is a list of absolute contraindications. This means that physical activity could be life threatening to either the individual or child if these symptoms occur.

– Hemodynamically significant heart disease

– Restrictive lung disease

– Incompetent cervix

– Risk of premature labour

– Persistent second or third trimester bleeding

– Ruptured membranes

– Severe anaemia

Next, we will look at relative contraindications. This mean that physical activity can be prescribed, however it should only occur if the benefits outweigh the risks to both individual and child.

– Anaemia

– Maternal cardiac arrhythmia

– Poorly controlled type 1 diabetes

– Extreme obesity

– Extreme underweight

– Poorly controlled hypertension

– Poorly controlled seizure disorder

– Heavy smoker

If there is any doubt regarding the health of the individual, please refer them back to their GP or midwife.

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