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Keeping your Oestrogen in check

You want to exercise, you want to lose weight, get fit and have that body that you’ve always dreamt of. You’ve selected healthy food choices and you’ve also upped your exercise intensity. However, you seem to be struggling to get rid of that stubborn fat on your hips or lower stomach. What could be the problem? An answer could be that your oestrogen levels are out of balance. Here we’re specifically going to look at oestrogen levels that are too high. Read More

The Push, Pull, Leg Training Split (3 day example)

Take a quick look at the training routine that you’re currently following at the moment and then reflect on the training routines of the past that you have had a go at. Did you ever have one that just ‘clicked’. Did one of them tick the boxes of frequency, volume, optimal recovery and enjoyment? Either way, if you have ‘paid your dues’ with different training routines, or even if you’re a beginner, chances are that you would have heard of the Push, Pull, Leg training split. Read More

5 Ways to get new clients on the gym floor!

Walking the gym floor & gaining new clients isn’t always easy, here we look at 6 different ways you could use to help you build your client base & get your name out there.

1. Exercise of the day: Film or photograph yourself doing an exercise. Use an image editor to add a tittle, teaching points & a call to action. Print it off & create an area in the gym for it. “Unsure how to do this? come grab me & I will teach you how!”. Create opportunities to talk to more people. Read More

Bodypower Experience 2019!

It’s almost that time once again, the Bodypower Experience! Once again we will be setting up our stand for all three days, so come down and have a chat! Who knows, it could be the start of your new career!

The Bodypower Experience is the largest fitness event in the whole of the UK, inspiring and motivating over 100,000 individuals every year. This year the event has changed from an expo, to an experience with the owner’s stating it’s the beginning of a new era. The spectacle encompasses everything from health and fitness to a wealth of knowledge around all aspects. No matter what your level of ability, whether your a beginner or elite Bodypower is the place for you. Read More

What Ingredients should you be checking for in your pre-workout?

In order for you to make the most out of your workouts, you need your body to be performing at its peak with optimum efficiency. Pre-workout has been designed to fight fatigue and lack of energy when exercising.

A pre-workout supplement can be consumed in a meal, a drink or even tablet form, roughly around 30 minutes before a workout is due to begin. So, as its main feature is to combat fatigue, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that they are essentially filled with sugars, caffeine and other boost stimulants. It pays to check what your pre-workout is including, as caffeine is a major ingredient, yet too much of it can seriously damage your health. Read More

Where can your Personal Training qualification take you?

So, you’ve gained your Level 3 Personal Training qualification, what next?

Firstly, you have two main possibilities which are:

– Become your own boss and work independently

– Join a pre-existed gym chain

Let’s focus on you being your own boss first. Going into the industry determined to be your own boss and run your own business can be hard to begin, there’s no denying it! However, by having a lot of determination and the willingness to promote what makes you different from every other personal trainer, you shall quickly get the hang of it! Read More

Have you heard of ‘New Running’?

Running not your thing? The annoyance of having to plan your route, grab all your equipment to track every step and then ultimately beat your personal best every time you leave the house can become dull and boring very quickly. This is where the aspect of New Running has been created.

New Running is essentially the cleanest form of running driven by you, your creativity and your ability.  It doesn’t require any gadgets, any planning and best of all no tracking your split times, it’s all about you and the open world. Read More

Should you get a Sports Massage while pregnant?

Sports Massage Therapy is described as an alternative remedial technique to solve or improve a problem which an individual has.  This essentially means that there has been no studies completed solely on if a massage would help or cause problems to a pregnant individual. With this is mind, we did bit of research to see what professional massage therapists thought on the idea, and in particular analysing a deep tissue massage!

Massage Therapists perform deep tissue massages in an attempt to reach the underlying muscles, they do warn that the effects can be felt for multiple days after the massage has taken place. This also includes pressure points in an attempt to trigger deeper muscles in certain areas. Read More

Have you tried to stop drinking alcohol for two weeks?

Have you ever just sat and wondered what alcohol does to your body or how it impacts those gains you so desperately want? Giving up booze for a few weeks can be a challenge to many, but if done correctly you can reap the benefits.

If you can manage just a few weeks without sleep, here’s what you can expect:

Better Sleep

According to a study, drinking alcohol before bed increase alpha brain waves. Now although you may fall asleep easier while drinking, these brain waves are most at use while you’re awake. So, effectively although your asleep the quality of the sleep isn’t very good at all. By avoiding alcohol for a short time, your concentration and performance will increase because your sleep has a better quality. Read More

Is this the hardest marathon in the world?

For some doing a half a marathon is the peak of their physical endurance, for others completing the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon is an unbelievable achievement. For the rest, this simply doesn’t even scratch the surface compared to a ultramarathon. The Barkley Marathons has had only 15 people finish this race since it began in 1986, with over 1000 people taking part in it.

It’s not often when applying for a marathon in which you sign a legal disclaimer which reads ‘ If I am stupid enough to attempt the Barkley, I deserve to be held responsible for any result of that attempt, be it financial, physical, mental, or anything else.’ That’s how intense we’re talking when referring to the Barkley Marathons. Read More