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Menstrual irregularities and implications on female physique athletes

The purpose of this narrative review was to briefly describe what the process of contest preparation entails for female physique athletes competing in categories ranging from bikini to physique, and to discuss the psychological and physiological ramifications of competition.

Being low in energy before competition is unavoidable due to the amount of calories you’re actually eating on a regular basis. However, female physique athletes should avoid excessively low energy availability as it may cause problems or extreme discomfort of the cycle. Restoration of a normal cycle after competition can take weeks, months or even years which is why ensuring sufficient energy levels are sustained is key. Read More

How low should you be squatting?

A recent study attempted to understand at what angle you should be squatting at in order to maximum activation and effectiveness. This study was completed because many various techniques have been recommended over time.

The study involved 10 males completing squats at three different angles from which an EMG was recorded to test activation.

From the study, we discovered that squatting past 90 degrees doesn’t actually offer greater activation of the muscles. It places a lot more stress on the muscles which is increased at either heavier weight or increased volume. Read More

Training volume for hypertrophy and strength – Is less more?

While most people in the evidence-based fitness community are preaching the benefits of high volume, a recent study found that hypertrophy and strength gains were maximized at just 5-10 sets per muscle group per week. How can we explain this finding?


The purpose of this study was to discover and compare effects of different resistance training volumes on muscle performance and hypertrophy in trained men.” In this case, muscle performance was assessed using 10 rep maxes (10RMs). Read More

Have you had an unresponsive client?

Having a client go dark on you is a lot more common than you may believe. One week they’re tracking everything and easily contactable, the next, nothing.

Why do they go dark?

Clients may come up with hundreds of excuses however here are the most common –

I have no time

I’m not motivated enough

I have low confidence

I struggle training alone

I lack self-esteem Read More

How to raise your prices (Without upsetting clients)

So maybe you came in at a price too low, or maybe you’ve out grown your current business model! Whatever the reason, you need to increase your prices without upsetting your clients. Raising your prices can be a nervous moment, however you need to do it in order to ensure success and sustainability!

Step 1 – Make sure there’s a reason!

Putting your prices up because you feel like it, or because Bob over the road has increased his price is simply not going to cut it. Make sure that your excuse to put your prices up, is one that clients can benefit from! For example, your prices are going up because your moving location, sell your clients the positive aspects of the new location! Is it easier to access? Does it have better parking facilities? Ultimately, your price increase has to offer them an increase perception of training with you. Read More

Does caffeine reduce muscle soreness post workout?

Within recent years there has been a wave of research conducted aimed at understanding the performance enhancing benefits of caffeine. Recent research by Chen et al, (2019) looked into how caffeine can reduce muscle soreness in men and women.


The purpose of this study was to see if caffeine attenuates soreness and prevents strength reductions following exercise induced muscle damage. The test was also completed to understand if this differed between males and females. Read More

The Lionesses have captured a nation

No matter what your opinion on Women’s football is , there’s no denying that the English Women’s senior team have captured the hearts of the Nation. Their ‘never say die attitude’ and respect have inspired millions and excited everyone.

Now this is a bit of a different blog for us to write as there’s no nutrition, A&P, or general knowledge being shared. We simply want to highlight how impressive the lionesses have been and how much they’ve progressed in recent years! Read More

Are you listening to Velocity Radio?

Have you been listening to Velocity Radio?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you will have seen that Velocity have recently got onto the podcast scene! This is an exciting new aspect for us as it lets you get to know us more and it’s another way of educating. This is another commitment from Velocity to our community as we promote our new More Than a Course motto! Read More

Designing your logo

Business logos. They are one of the first things a potential client will see when they look at you or your business. Logo’s essentially represent your business as a whole, and for that reason you need to be proud to wear it!

When creating your logo, there are several aspects you need to think of when creating it:

1 – The size

Now size isn’t everything, sometimes the smallest logos are the most effective. When printing logos onto garments it’s likely certain printers will have certain requirements about what size they can print. So it’s best to do some research on prices and local printers to you in order to help you pick a specific size. Read More

Why do we crave junk food?

Your desire and will for junk food isn’t a weakness, it’s a hard wired desire which has been caused by evolution and exposure. You need to reset your system in order to able to ignore the Colonel and those Golden Arches!

The impulse moment of wanting or needing junk food, doesn’t come out of hunger it comes out of a desire to be happy! When you devour a junk meal your body releases a stimulant referred to as dopamine, which essentially is the feeling of pleasure. High amounts of dopamine are released into your system when you are engaging in activities which can be seen as crucial in human life, such as eating, drinking and sex. Your brain remembers the experience of eating a certain food, and remembers how happy it was which is why you’re encouraged to eat it again! Read More