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Planning for Christmas as a Personal Trainer

Forecasting for the Christmas period is essential for a successful time of year when sales might be down.

Planning for Christmas as a PT is essential – you already know money isn’t 100% guaranteed every month of the year and Christmas is no different. With many of us having to buy presents and other items, we may lose track of our training as go for that pint after work or have that extra mince pie as we go ‘ah well, it’s Christmas’. Look to supplement your cash income over Christmas, or place projects on hold as you want to ensure you stay in the green in time for the January boom! Read More

Reasons for medical referral of your client

Only a few clients in your lifetime may need medical referral, so you need to ensure you know the signs of when and why they must be referred.

Ultimately, you refer clients when their needs are out of your scope of practise, or when training them may have a greater risk on their health than the benefit of training. So, what are the reasons for medical referral? Read More

Do you get feedback?

Obtaining feedback from clients is an extremely important aspect of any business, it can ultimately make or break you.

Gaining feedback is vital from clients, as you personally have helped them succeed and change shape to what they wanted to look like! There are two ways in which you can gain feedback from clients –

Verbal feedback – This could happen at the end of every session as you gain their thoughts as to how the planned session went and how they feel their progressing. This is a quick and easy method of gaining feedback as it’s more personal to them. However, the negative of this is that potential clients don’t know what’s being said as they aren’t there to hear. You could always ask your client if it’s okay to post it as you create your own template for a social media post, however you have to check with the client what they say and you can’t exaggerate what they’ve said. Read More

Insurance Requirements as a fitness professional

The risks of injury and illness are higher for fitness customers than in any other industry, therefore as a fitness professional you need to ensure you are covered at all costs.

Regular claims within the industry include

  • Injury due to negligence or poor advice
  • Psychological damage due to poor or ill advice
  • Lack of progress towards promised goals
  • Harassment
  • Sexual harassment

If you are employed by a fitness facility, it’s likely you will be covered by Public Liability Insurance. This covers professionals against negligence resulting in injury, illness or damage of personal property. It is important to check with your facility what insurance you have and what it covers against. Read More

Chess over chest?

In 1984 the World Chess Championships (WCC) were abandoned due to players physical condition. The match between Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov is the only game in WCC history to be ditched after Karpov reportedly lost 22 pounds.

Who’d have thought that we’d ever be discussing just how strenuous chess is on the human body. You sit there for several hours, playing a few moves until one player calls check mate – sounds easy? Well, you’d be a fool for thinking so. Read More

How’s your website looking?

How many Personal Trainers are there in your gym? Standing out as a Personal Trainer is essential, and acting professional is extremely important. No one will sign up to you spontaneously, they will research your social medias and your website!

So how do you create a killer website?

Simple is effective

Do not fill your website with jargon, huge amounts of text and enough colours to become a B&Q colour chart. You need to find the right balance between text and visual images but remember to make it relative and ensure it gives off the right image to potential clients. Read More

How often do you nap?

According to new research, napping may actually have more health benefits than you think! A perfect excuse to cancel those day plans and crawl back into bed for an hour or so.

A recent study conducted in Greece shows that having regular one-hour naps daily can actually decrease your blood pressure, which essentially lowers your chances of having a heart attack.

During the investigation 212 participants wore blood pressure monitors, from which those who took the opportunity to snooze each day had a much lower blood pressure at the end of the day compared to those who missed the opportunity not to rest their eyes. Read More

VelocityRadio is going global!

If you haven’t already seen or heard by now, we have begun our own fitness podcast. It is just a little something we set up in order to get in contact with industry professionals to get their inside knowledge and scope on all thing fitness.

So, if you’re following any of our socials you will be well aware that we regularly post podcasts that we have had with industry professionals, local star guests or occasionally it’s just the Velocity boys rinsing Brandon for doing something stupid. However, we just wanted to point out just how far these podcasts have come in just 16 episodes. Read More

How to earn more money as a fitness professional?

According to recent studies, the average Personal Trainer earns around £20,000 in the UK and around $31,000 in the USA, not a bad wage for a job you love which gives you maximum satisfaction. However, we all want to earn that bit extra, so how can you do it?

1 – Continue your education

Expanding your knowledge is essentially a never ending aspect of life. Whether you’re completing extra education through a university degree or registered online qualifications you are essentially increasing your accreditation in the fitness industry. This allows you to increase your pricing as you area able to then scope over any competition. Read More

Top tips to save you and your business time

As a business owner, time is one of the most valuable aspects. It can single handedly destroy your business if you cannot dedicate enough time to the right areas each week. The path to being time savvy isn’t enjoyable or pretty, but once you’ve become time savvy you will take your business to the next level.

So what are our top tips to become time savvy?

1 – Communication 

A quick phone call here or there may see easy, however let’s say you have 10 6 minute calls over a day. That’s one hour you’ve lost out a day where you’re probably already scrapping for time. The chances are your clients are contacting you because they don’t understand something or are confused, therefore you need to ensure all your clients and visitors understand all they can looking at your social medias or/and website alone. It may take time to create the content, however once it’s done it’s there for all to see! Read More