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Free weights vs Resistance machines

There has been a long-standing debate in which is the better type of equipment to help you reach your fitness needs. However when you ask from person to person you will always get a different answer and it will always come down to one thing. Their own personal preferences.

We have given our views on the subject matter here. When we look at the question, ‘free weights or resistance machines’ it should pose more questions surrounding it. The first one being, that we believe is the most important, what’s trainers exercise experience and history like. For example, the clean and press is a fantastic exercise when executed perfectly. It is a thing of beauty and will engage muscles that you never thought you had. However, would you implement this into a plan for a new gym goer? The short answer is, no. Read More

Interview with Kay Goodwin

Hi Kay, could you just give some background on yourself? How did you get into competing?


I first caught the “Bodybuilding” bug after going to see a friend compete in a show. Seeing all the girls on stage, all glammed up looking fabulous and the physiques on display was inspiring and got me thinking “could I really do that?” Read More

Interview with Jamie Wheatley

Hi Jamie, could you just give some background on yourself? How did you get into competing?
Hi I’m Jamie 24 years of age and I am a fitness fanatic. I have always been into fitness and reading flex magazines and I wanted to look like them! I loved power lifting and competed in this for a while in local Yorkshire shows, I then wanted a new challenge that’s when I turned to bodybuilding. There was a guy in the gym who guided me threw my first prep and this was my hardest prep yet as I had a lot of body fat to get rid of. Read More