Where can your Personal Training qualification take you?


So, you’ve gained your Level 3 Personal Training qualification, what next?

Firstly, you have two main possibilities which are:

– Become your own boss and work independently

– Join a pre-existed gym chain

Let’s focus on you being your own boss first. Going into the industry determined to be your own boss and run your own business can be hard to begin, there’s no denying it! However, by having a lot of determination and the willingness to promote what makes you different from every other personal trainer, you shall quickly get the hang of it!

So how do you begin? Well first of all you need a facility (amongst legal documents and insurance), this can easily be done by ringing round gyms or facilities and paying ‘rent’ in order to use them to train your clients for so many hours a week. Next? Well, you need the clients of course! This is done by getting yourself out there, marketing yourself online and meeting with people in and around the gym and offering your services! Remember not to start your prices too high, begin at a reasonable price so people feel inclined to try a session with yourself, maybe even offer discounts if they spread the work and their friends/family contact you for sessions. We can’t lie to you, it can be tricky and there can be moments where you are physically stuck as your grinding everyday and night, weekdays, weekends and bank holidays however you must remember you’re creating your own business legacy!

Not fancying creating your own business straight away? That’s absolutely fine! There are always new opportunities appearing in multiple gyms throughout the whole of the UK such as – JD Gyms, PureGym, DW Fitness First and Virgin Active! Getting into one of these gym chains is also a great start for your career, and often these organisations will always look to continuously up skill you as well!

Getting into a gym chain will also make it easier to get yourself clients as you are constantly interacting and you can often run sessions within the gym facility for gym go-ers to sign up to! This can be a great aspect for you to help you internally develop your career!

Most importantly, what everyone wants to know when you become a Personal Trainer is – ‘How much can you earn?’ Well, this is a huge question! Ultimately you do have a potential to earn £50,000+ a year if you really work hard, get yourself out there and make sure you’re very well known! Obviously this isn’t going to happen within your first few months or even years, it takes hard work and dedication!

For tips on how to market yourself more effectively and efficiently, check out our Level 3 Award in Business Skills!



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