Business Skills – Your Own Brand

Have a look around your environment right now, what can you see? Nike Training Shoes? An Adidas shirt? Apple Iphone? Lucozade Sports drink? Branding is an identifiable sign of any tangible object, generally made up of the name, design, style, pattern, colours and symbols which distinguish it from its competitors.

Branding is an essential part of any product or business as it gives a recognisable feature, branding can benefit the business in multiple ways;

-Signposts your product/service – The fitness industry is packed with brands, you need to signpost your product and briefly show how its better than your competitors

-Highlight the benefit and features – What does you have that others don’t? Why is yours so good?

-Credibility – Consumers want a brand they can completely trust, as confidence is key!

-Emotional connection – Creating brand loyalty amongst consumers is vital, it ensures consumers are in a clear relationship with your brand. This ensures they will always turn to you for the product or service.

Newly created businesses have a challenge in getting their message out in the public domain effectively as they are having to deal with limited resources, especially finances. The best method is to rely on free social media applications and word of mouth to begin with. When developing your brand you need to ask yourself a few questions to begin with;

-What message do I want to give out? Relate to the core offering of your product

-What style and form do I want? Do you want a luxurious brand, or something which appeals to all?

-What name best reflect you? Memorable and meaningful are often best

-How should it look? How do you want the website/ shirt/ flyers to look to consumers?

-What does the service actually do? Can you promote all the positive aspects of your brand in a way you want to?

When creating the brand, the main aspect you need to make sure you have is the name and logo. This can go a long way, they need to be solid and promote the respectful brand which you are creating! The best way is to do your research, find out what you like in organisation names and logos and develop yours accordingly to the industry and audience you’re marketing too! You have to remember, the logo and name are your leading feature, they will be on uniform, business cards, flyers, and importantly the web and social media. You need to think about a variety of aspects such as;


-Colour schemes


-Photographs/ graphics / drawings

-Information overload (Get it across in as little as possible basically!)

Ultimately it’s your brand, you can seek as much advice as you desire but it’s your final call! If you require assistance with beginning your own fitness business check over our new Level 3 Business Skills qualification. We have just released this for 2019, and its a massive help for those with no previous experience of running a business!


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