BodyPower Experience 2019!

It’s almost that time again for the world’s largest fitness expo in Birmingham, BodyPower 2019!

This year BodyPower has undergone significant innovation and creative design as the whole layout has been altered. Nick Orton the CEO of Bodypower is now referring to the event as an ‘experience’ rather than expo as he believes these changes, will create memories to last a lifetime.  For the first time in Bodypower’s history they have also set up an area focusing on health, where you can talk to professionals and ask them an unlimited amount of health questions. This area has been set up to focus on diabetes, physio tests, sexual health and importantly mental health.

Now for those of you who have never experienced a Bodypower event before, it’s an event completely dedicated to the fitness industry that usually runs over a Friday – Sunday weekend which is the 10th– 12th May this year.  It features organisations and companies from a whole range of backgrounds such as Powerlifting, Personal Training, and most importantly food and nutrition!

Each organisation brings along their employees as they attempt to promote themselves to over 250,000 people over the three days! These companies bring all they’ve got in an attempt to better their selves every year! You will often find athletes which you can only ever dream of meeting just casually walking about the expo with their friends and family. During last year’s Bodypower some of the Velocity team were lucky enough to meet athletes such as Ryan Terry, GraceFit UK, Christian Guzman and Shaun Stafford to name but a few!

What’s Velocity’s plan for Bodypower 2019 you ask? Well, this year is already looking up for us as we have again expanded our stall size! You can find us at stall 10 in this year’s event, as we aim to again beat our 2018 records, which thanks to everyone who attended ensured last years was our best to date! We will be there over all three days again so if you have any questions about getting into the fitness industry and want to just come have a chat to our team, please do!

If you have any aspects you’d like to know more about Bodypower, leave us a comment and we will write a blog on it especially!

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