Bodypower 2018 – The athletes

Bodypower provides the ultimate opportunity to meet some of the world’s most experienced industry experts alongside athletes from all over the international stage.

Bodypower features a vast array of sponsored athletes giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with them. Whether they’re you’re idol due to their superhuman strength, flawless physique or their ‘vlogging’ lifestyle. Many of these athletes may have inspired and motivated you, your friends or even family into training and following a healthy lifestyle, possibly completely changing your life!

Sponsored athletes are said to be amongst some of the luckiest people alive, being sponsored to do what they love on a daily basis. I mean c’mon, how good would that be?

Athletes allow these companies to showcase what they provide, whether its clothing, dietary meals or supplements. The possibilities are just about endless as to what the athletes can promote! However, although these athletes may be there as a promotion basis, they are more than happy to chat about absolutely anything and ultimately have heart-to-heart about fitness and training.

As well as meeting many of the athletes, there’s also the opportunity to watch them take part in various events throughout the weekend as Bodypower holds multiple competitions. You can also learn off them as there are multiple chances to train and receive feedback on your form, nutrition and exercises to get the best out of your training.

Athletes such as Ryan Terry, Kai Greene, Paith Hathaway and Christian Guzman will be there, all representing their sponsors or own brands. Click here to see the full list of confirmed athletes.

Don’t miss this year’s Bodypower expo, taking place on the 11thmay- 13thMay at Birmingham’s NEC Arena. Velocity PT Academy will be there for their 5thyear running, so please feel free to come have a chat!

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