What is Blue Monday and why is it the worst day of the year?


‘Blue Monday’ is on the 21st January, and it is referred to as the most depressing day of the year! In a battle against mental health, Mind are proposing everyone wears bright colours to get rid of this stigma!

1 in 4 people experience mental health issues at some point in their lives. Leeds Mind promotes mental health and well being, by providing those who need is valuable support. Mind aim to support individuals into using their own resources to aid their own recovery of poor mental health in ways which inspire and allow them to pass on the mental health promotion and give support to other in need.

So, Blue Monday what’s it really all about? Well after the joys and buzz of the festive period, reality is finally setting back in. We’re all returning back to work slowly but surely, the weather tends to be miserable and a few of us may have already broken our New Year’s Resolutions. So if you’re feeling a tad down on the 21st, don’t worry it appears a lot of the UK will be joining you.

So as well as the factors mentioned above, 2005 British Psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall added some science to the whole aspect and came up with a very confusing formula –  [W+(D-d)]xTQ/MxNA. We know, that makes no sense.

This is what it all means –

W = Weather

D = Debt

d = Monthly salary 

T = time since Christmas

Q = time since failing New Year’s resolutions

M = low motivational levels

Na = The feeling of a need to take an action

So now you know it’s coming, flip the day on its head and be positive! Thank the bus driver, help the lady with the push chair, let the car signalling to enter your lane in front of you. It will change your day and it will definitely change someone elses!

Did you know that –

£5 can fund a group wellbeing session

£30 can cover an hour of 1-2-1 counselling

£500 covers a volunteers expenses for a year

£15,000 pays for a 1-2-1 key worker for a whole year

£40,000 pays for a full time project worker and their support costs!

We don’t expect everyone to commit to giving a lot, just a little here and there can really help! Mental health awareness is something we must address and talk about in order to get rid of the stigma!

If you yourself are struggling with mental health, or think you know someone who is, reach out! Please talk to someone or visit Mind’s Urgent Help Tool!

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