Are you scared of the deadlift?

Ah deadlift day, there’s nothing like putting a load of weight on a bar, and attempting to lift it off the ground with your bare hands. Jón Páll Sigmarsson an Icelandic strongman once said (while deadlifting 450kg, we should add) ‘There’s no reason to be alive if you can’t deadlift’.

Now this is maybe a little extreme for the average gym go-er not attempting to be a worlds strongest man or woman. However, deadlift day requires no assistance, no spotter. It just needs you, the bar and your heavy lifting playlist. So where do we begin?

Deadlifting is just like any other movement, once done correctly can inspire and provoke amazing results, however done incorrectly can be extremely dangerous. Head over to our YouTube page to watch our back day 101 Workout and get a step by step guide on how to perform a deadlift safely!

Many people avoid the deadlift at all costs as they believe they need an enormous weight which will only result in them injuring themselves or snapping in two basically. This isn’t true! We want to make sure that everyone falls in love with a deadlift and incorporates them regularly!

So why should you include it? 

Well, essentially the deadlift is a full body movement as you attempt to get that bar and weight off the floor – It needs your hands, forearms, shoulder, traps, back, core and legs! The deadlift is an action which you will probably do numerous times a day without even realising! Whether it be picking shopping up off the floor, picking a child up and moving furniture to name but a few activities. It’s 99% certain that while doing these activities you aren’t thinking about your form though, which is where doing the movement would help you massively! You don’t want to be that person that nobody helps to ask them move house because they know you will hurt something in the process!

And let’s be honest with ourselves, the deadlift is one of the purest methods of testing strength just like the other compound lifts such as a squat or bench press! You can either pick weight up, or you can’t.

How do we decide the technique?

So, if you’re a beginner in the deadlifting department we advise sticking to either a conventional deadlift, where your hands are on the outside of your feet standing about shoulder width apart. Alternatively you could use a sumo deadlift where your hands are about shoulder width apart and your feet have a wide stance over a bar. There are a tonne of other variations however, these two techniques really allow you to get the basics right before getting clinical.

Please see back to our video for a direct walk through on how to perform the movement correctly and efficiently.

We do feel the absolute need to finish this blog off by really ensuring you know what you should never do when deadlifting. Firstly, don’t round your back- ensure you keep a neutral spine at all times. Doing this could severely injure you and cause back problems for life. Secondly, don’t look up with your neck, keep your back and neck flat as this can potentially strain your neck. Finally, don’t hyper extend at the top keep your back straight as this achieves the full potential of the movement. Going past the point of neutral doesn’t give you anything extra except discomfort and a possible injury.

So, get yourself out there and pull! Remember it doesn’t have to be heavy, just take your time learn the movement and the strength will come!




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