Are you listening to Velocity Radio?

Have you been listening to Velocity Radio?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you will have seen that Velocity have recently got onto the podcast scene! This is an exciting new aspect for us as it lets you get to know us more and it’s another way of educating. This is another commitment from Velocity to our community as we promote our new More Than a Course motto!

So, what are our podcasts about? Our podcasts cover a whole range of topics! We cover everything fitness related from nutrition to stage posing! Be warned though, there may occasionally be a small amount of explicit language used!

Who’s on the podcast? Now this is something we’re constantly mixing up! Some weeks you may have the soothing voice of Mr Ben Newbould, other weeks you may get the rather Yorkshire voice of tea-boy Brandon. There is of course the, Lancashire Warrior, Mat Mallet and occasionally Mr Ratcliffe pops in to express his sales knowledge!

As well as the regular team at Velocity, we are always on the hunt for podcast guests who have an interesting life and story around fitness. This could be a massive weight loss transformation, or someone attempting a fitness run such as an Iron man to name but a few! If you think you have an interesting story let us know. You might be featuring on Velocity Radio soon!

What’s our future plans with Velocity Radio? Well, our main two plans are to keep growing the pod as we try to gain regular listeners and we also want to ensure we are constantly inspiring and educating! Even if only one listener learns something from one pod, we’ve done our job as fitness educators!

We do have some big plans coming soon, however you’ll just have to wait and see for that!

Where can you listen to Velocity Radio? We post every podcast onto YouTube, Spotify and iTunes! So if you come across it, give it a listen and let us know what you think and please leave us a rating, it will really help us rank! We’re still at the beginning of our podcasting career so be nice!


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