Apprenticeships are for life, not just school leavers

So, if you hadn’t noticed February 3rd to 9th was National Apprenticeship week and we are proud to announce we are an active supporter of apprenticeships with our 5 amazing apprenticeships.

“Wait, you’re not just a fitness provider?” Don’t worry we hear you, if you haven’t seen any of our social posts over the last week or listened to episode #025 of VelocityRadio you won’t know that we’ve began rolling out 4 new apprenticeships alongside our already distinguished Level 3 Personal Training Apprenticeship. These include –

Level 5 Departmental Manager – This qualification is for anyone in a managerial or leadership role leading projects and people to success.

Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor – This apprenticeship is suited to any individual in a management or supervisor role.

Level 3 Business Administrator – A great progressive apprenticeship for any individual in an administrative role.

Level 3 Personal Trainer – The perfect route to become a Personal Trainer whilst working within a gym environment.

Level 2 Customer Service – An ideal qualification to gain knowledge in dealing with customers of all manner in multiple environments.

As a company we want to clear the stigma around apprenticeships. Often, they are looked down on, and believed that they are only for the average school leaver. You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

Yes, apprenticeships are a route after school which many individuals take every year instead of going to university, however they don’t suddenly end at 21 and you’re not eligible to complete one after that. You can be a school leaver completing a Level 3 Personal Training apprenticeship, or a CEO of one of the world’s largest organisations completing a Level 5 Departmental Manager. Apprenticeships essentially translate to on the job training, and who doesn’t want that?

So, if you’re looking to progress your career whilst working, get in touch with us! These apprenticeships are all on the job training, we will visit you in your place of work to teach you and their either 95% or 100% government funded depending on age. In some case’s business can be eligible for a £1000 grant from the government for hiring an apprentice!

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