8 Steps to filling your gym with the equipment it needs!

You’ve found your ideal location for a gym or fitness facility, now you need to fill it with equipment! Choosing the right equipment can be tricky as you need to plan the layout and take in to account your finances. According to industry averages, a gym can cost anywhere between £10,000 to £50,000!

Step 1 – Identify your clients! – Who are they? At the end of the day this gym is for their benefit, not yours. You need to ensure you are buying equipment aimed at your audience. Ensure you also pay attention to equipment if you’re aiming your gym at special populations.

Step 2 – Their needs – What would your ideal client want to see, what to feel, even want to smell! You need to ensure your equipment will help you meet their needs in terms of training and development.

Step 3 – Don’t forget the size of your studio! – You may be enthusiastic to purchase loads of equipment, which is understandable! However, remember you only have the size of the gym and that is it, so don’t over fill it!

Step 4 – Equipment safety! – Remember that whatever piece of equipment you’re installing, you need to be able to use it securely and safely! Ensure it’s a piece of equipment that works well within the gym and assists those using it.

Step 5 – Assess your budget! – You need to ensure you invest your money efficiently! Ideally, you want to see a return on investment sooner rather than later.

Step 6 – Finding the supplier! – Now you’ve worked out your budget, you need to find the right vendor with a large amount of product, at the right price and ensure that they offer product support and potentially after-care offers. Purchasing gym equipment is a long-term investment, you need to ensure safety and maintenance.

Step 7 – Company History – Make sure you do homework on your suppliers! Network with other gym owners and see who they buy their equipment off, that way you know you’ll be purchasing from a trusty vendor!

Step 8 – Assess the distance to your gym! – Gym equipment isn’t light! It involves transportation and delivery charges, therefore choosing a vendor closer could save you a lot of money! Additionally, having a vendor located closer will assist with maintenance if required.


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