5 Ways to get new clients on the gym floor!


Walking the gym floor & gaining new clients isn’t always easy, here we look at 6 different ways you could use to help you build your client base & get your name out there.

1. Exercise of the day: Film or photograph yourself doing an exercise. Use an image editor to add a tittle, teaching points & a call to action. Print it off & create an area in the gym for it. “Unsure how to do this? come grab me & I will teach you how!”. Create opportunities to talk to more people.

2. Ping pong challenge: Get a glass jar & some cheap ping pong balls. Add them to the jar & make sure you know how many are in there. On the gym floor, members have to guess the number of balls. (This is an ideal opportunity to capture peoples information) The person that guesses right or the closest wins a weeks worth of personal training with you. You e-mail out the results of the challenge to everyone who entered.

3. Recipe of the day: Every single day, print off your recipe of the day with cooking instructions, calories & macros. To make it even better, add the cost per serving. We get told a lot from gym members/new clients that eating healthy is expensive, so lets bust that myth! E-mail capture opportunity: grab their email addresses to send more recipes over from your laptop.

4. Find a specialist area that fits you: Take some time to assess what most of the people in YOUR gym are there for along with your knowledge & the areas you are strongest in. Promote yourself in the area you feel you can help the most people along with your own skills & passion for that area. Fat loss, strength training etc. Remember, don’t be Jack of all trades, master of none!

5. Keep their attention outside the gym: People spend 1-2 hours a day on social media – stay active on yours. E-mail people daily/weekly useful content. Set up a Facebook group for people at your gym. Find a way of working with local businesses. Make sure you are posting content that is relevant and engaging to your potential client base.



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