10 exercises to improve your core

Everybody wants washboard abs and a flat stomach regardless of your age so its natural to want to know what exercises are the best to improve your core.


Its worth remembering that in order to have a visible six pack you need to have very low levels of body fat for your abs to be visible.

Here we look at 10 exercises which will improve your core strength.

The Plank

This is a simple and effective exercise which you can do anywhere. Its an exercise which you can adapt to relatively easy so its good to have variations of the movement and toughen it up a bit.

The plank though is a great exercise to start with if you are new to exercise and we advise holding the move for longer each time.



A variation of the plank that is so much harder to perform and is a real belly shaker. Its performed by lifting your opposite arm and leg simultaneously so they are just off the ground. Try not to lift your leg too high as it can make you off balance.


Side Plank

Another plank movement? Yes, that’s right because they work wonders for your core. The side plank puts more emphasis on your oblique’s and can hit other smaller muscles in the core that might usually not get as much attention.


Cable crunches

A good exercise which hits your entire abdominal section and good for adding some extra strength to your core as you are adding extra resistance when you’re pulling down the weight.


Wood choppers

A great exercise for the oblique muscles. A great exercise if you want to add some definition to your core and get some cuts in there.


Hanging leg raises

The holy grail of core training and a superior exercise to those done on the floor. They are also really good for toning your waistline and great if you suffer from lower back pain as put no pressure on the back muscles.


Hanging knee raises

This exercise is great at targeting your lower ab muscles and are best performed slowly so you can really feel the exercise working.


Decline weighted crunches

Get yourself a plate hold it with both hands and start doing some crunches on a decline bench. Try to work your way up through the weights until you can hold a 25kg plate. Once you can handle 25kg just focus more on repetitions to carve yourself abs of steel.

Leg raises

This exercise is good for strengthening the rectus abdominals and the internal and external obliques.



These are best done slowly so you really fell the contraction at the top of the movement and its best to hold the contraction for a second or two.

Give these exercises a go and let us know which ones work best on your waistline.










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