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Just how important is water?

All you hear is people focussing on how much protein they should be having each day or what macros they need to be reaching, what you don’t hear people talking about is how much water they’re drinking.

Considering that just under 60% of our body is water, why don’t we talk about it more? Water is essential for our digestion, heart and temperature regulation, as well as how good it can make us feel and how good it can make our skin look. Not to mention the wonders it can do after a heavy session on the ale! According to studies, losing just 2% of bodyweight water is enough to lead to a negative performance in activity, endurance runners specifically can lose up to 60% performance ability from being hydrated. Read More

Training Vegan Clients

Veganism is becoming more popular in modern culture, while the number of people who eat only vegan full-time remains quite small, it is often a nutritional way of life which people follow from time to time for multiple reasons. However, with this in mind it’s likely you’ll train a vegan at some point in your career so, should you approach these differently?

Firstly, what is veganism? Essentially, vegans reject all products which are made from animal produce such as meat, dairy and eggs. For many trainers, they may get caught up that their clients are vegan compared to the average Joe off the street. A vegan would require a completely different diet plan for progress, however recent research has suggested that a well-rounded vegan diet is healthy and promotes substantial progress. Read More

Mr Olympia 2019

This weekend Brandon Curry made history by becoming the last man standing on the Olympia stage ensuring he took the title of Mr Olympia 2019.

With Shawn Rhoden not returning to the stage this year to defend his title and Phil Heath taking a year or so off before attempting to retake his crown, the Men’s Open Olympia was wide open to a field of new generations. In pre-judging on Friday night Iranian Bodybuilder Hadi Choopan, was ranked in the top 4 amongst William Bonac, Brandon Curry & Roelly Winklaar. This came as quite a shock to many as Hadi wasn’t expected to rank so high before the Olympia weekend as this was his debut at the world renowned event! Read More

Have you thought about a fitness business partner?

When thinking about your business, you need to think of the roles you need to fill and what your strengths and weaknesses are. From this you can outsource your weaknesses to others in order to ensure success.

When deciding on bringing in a partner, you have to think carefully! It’s your business and your life, your business partner must make life easier and bring something to the table otherwise they probably aren’t worth it. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that most people compare business partners to marriages. Read More

How to email market as a Personal Trainer

As a Personal Trainer, attracting new clients and retaining current clients is the key to ensuring success and maximising profitability.

As a Personal Trainer, you should have a range of social media’s which you regularly update to show your success. These social media will likely reach different audiences as people may only follow you on their preferred media. So, what’s the best way to maintain a relationship with everyone? Read More

Teaching your clients about calories

Any Personal Trainer who wants to ensure their clients achieves their goals needs to have a conversation at some point about calories. Whether you’re counting them, adding them, or losing them it needs to be talked about.

So how do we begin about having this conversation?

Firstly, why does your client need to know? Ultimately, any goal your client wishes to achieve involves food! Whether they’re attempting to lose weight or gain muscle, calories are vital. As a guide an average healthy male needs around 2,500 calories a day and a female needs around 2,000 to maintain their weight. Read More

Menstrual irregularities and implications on female physique athletes

The purpose of this narrative review was to briefly describe what the process of contest preparation entails for female physique athletes competing in categories ranging from bikini to physique, and to discuss the psychological and physiological ramifications of competition.

Being low in energy before competition is unavoidable due to the amount of calories you’re actually eating on a regular basis. However, female physique athletes should avoid excessively low energy availability as it may cause problems or extreme discomfort of the cycle. Restoration of a normal cycle after competition can take weeks, months or even years which is why ensuring sufficient energy levels are sustained is key. Read More

How low should you be squatting?

A recent study attempted to understand at what angle you should be squatting at in order to maximum activation and effectiveness. This study was completed because many various techniques have been recommended over time.

The study involved 10 males completing squats at three different angles from which an EMG was recorded to test activation.

From the study, we discovered that squatting past 90 degrees doesn’t actually offer greater activation of the muscles. It places a lot more stress on the muscles which is increased at either heavier weight or increased volume. Read More

Training volume for hypertrophy and strength – Is less more?

While most people in the evidence-based fitness community are preaching the benefits of high volume, a recent study found that hypertrophy and strength gains were maximized at just 5-10 sets per muscle group per week. How can we explain this finding?


The purpose of this study was to discover and compare effects of different resistance training volumes on muscle performance and hypertrophy in trained men.” In this case, muscle performance was assessed using 10 rep maxes (10RMs). Read More

Have you had an unresponsive client?

Having a client go dark on you is a lot more common than you may believe. One week they’re tracking everything and easily contactable, the next, nothing.

Why do they go dark?

Clients may come up with hundreds of excuses however here are the most common –

I have no time

I’m not motivated enough

I have low confidence

I struggle training alone

I lack self-esteem Read More