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The Lionesses have captured a nation

No matter what your opinion on Women’s football is , there’s no denying that the English Women’s senior team have captured the hearts of the Nation. Their ‘never say die attitude’ and respect have inspired millions and excited everyone.

Now this is a bit of a different blog for us to write as there’s no nutrition, A&P, or general knowledge being shared. We simply want to highlight how impressive the lionesses have been and how much they’ve progressed in recent years! Read More

Are you listening to Velocity Radio?

Have you been listening to Velocity Radio?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you will have seen that Velocity have recently got onto the podcast scene! This is an exciting new aspect for us as it lets you get to know us more and it’s another way of educating. This is another commitment from Velocity to our community as we promote our new More Than a Course motto! Read More

Designing your logo

Business logos. They are one of the first things a potential client will see when they look at you or your business. Logo’s essentially represent your business as a whole, and for that reason you need to be proud to wear it!

When creating your logo, there are several aspects you need to think of when creating it:

1 – The size

Now size isn’t everything, sometimes the smallest logos are the most effective. When printing logos onto garments it’s likely certain printers will have certain requirements about what size they can print. So it’s best to do some research on prices and local printers to you in order to help you pick a specific size. Read More

Why do we crave junk food?

Your desire and will for junk food isn’t a weakness, it’s a hard wired desire which has been caused by evolution and exposure. You need to reset your system in order to able to ignore the Colonel and those Golden Arches!

The impulse moment of wanting or needing junk food, doesn’t come out of hunger it comes out of a desire to be happy! When you devour a junk meal your body releases a stimulant referred to as dopamine, which essentially is the feeling of pleasure. High amounts of dopamine are released into your system when you are engaging in activities which can be seen as crucial in human life, such as eating, drinking and sex. Your brain remembers the experience of eating a certain food, and remembers how happy it was which is why you’re encouraged to eat it again! Read More

Have you heard of the ‘W.H.A.T’ Principle?

Imagine you’re training yourself, you’re pushing your legs through an intense German Volume Training Squat session. You’ve just reached set 7, you’re absolutely killing it, feeling strong! Every-time you move an inch you feel as if your legs are going to rip your shorts as you turn into a Hulk like character. You then think to yourself that you’re going to try this programme on Dave, who you’re Personal Training at 7 tonight. Is this right ethically?

Ultimately the answer is no! There is no such thing as a typical training session, we are all different and all possess our own goals and ability! If we were all the same, the likelihood is that we’d all look like the Mountain from Game of Thrones! That is why what might work for us, may no work for the next person! This is partially down to the law of individuality. So, how can you remember this and make sure you tailor each session perfectly for your client? This is where the W.H.A.T principle comes into play! Read More

What is passive income?

Sadly there’s no time bending, physics breaking machine which allow you to work for more hours than there are in a day to earn that bit extra. This is why as a Personal Trainer, you need to become clever and discover a way to earn a passive income.

Being a Personal Trainer, can be a tough gig as the product you’re selling is essentially your time. This meaning by selling one ‘product’ you are essentially losing an hour of your time. Now the ways around this are very limited, you either charge more per session or work longer days. Both have their flaws. Read More

8 Steps to filling your gym with the equipment it needs!

You’ve found your ideal location for a gym or fitness facility, now you need to fill it with equipment! Choosing the right equipment can be tricky as you need to plan the layout and take in to account your finances. According to industry averages, a gym can cost anywhere between £10,000 to £50,000!

Step 1 – Identify your clients! – Who are they? At the end of the day this gym is for their benefit, not yours. You need to ensure you are buying equipment aimed at your audience. Ensure you also pay attention to equipment if you’re aiming your gym at special populations. Read More

Tips for surviving your first year as a fitness professional

So, you’ve just received your certificate and you’re raring to get out into the open world and change lives, but then it’s not all you expected! It’s not clients flocking and bathing in bank notes like you expected, so how do you survive your first year?

Firstly, you need to adapt your mindset! Unless you’re employed by a gym that’s assigning you clients, you’re in charge! It’s up to you to as you are now a business owner, it’s your decisions to make! At first these decisions will be hard as you will be unaware about loads of aspects, however you shall gradually pick it up and get better over time so trust yourself! Read More

Top tips to grow your online community

In recent years social media has become a forefront page of most organisations. Customer’s now rely on the companies social media platforms more than they do their actual webpages for information and to be kept up to date. So, how can you take advantage of this and grown your online reputable brand?

Create content.

Content is king! You need to create engaging content for your audience while ensuring it stays realistic and relatable! This content can be through blogs, videos and pictures to name a few! Read More

How to set your Prices

The fitness industry is expected to grow more than any other industry between now and 2026. With new fitness professionals entering the fitness industry every single day, you obviously want to maximise your profits and salary. So, what prices should be charging?

Firstly, you need to know your worth! This will primarily be based on a few factors, which include:

– Your experience

– Your qualifications

– Your location

– How pleased your clients are with their results Read More