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What’s the most reliable source for getting the best supplements?


Buying supplements nowadays is one of the hardest choices any gym go-er has, with every company stating their product is the best on the market, how can you quickly and efficient scan every product to find the best? Well, is your answer! provides free nutritional and supplement information based on science, with no bias arguments about who’s is best.

Founded in early 2011, they set out to analyse the full body of evidence to help you make healthy choices. addresses nutritional problems by creating a systematic and objective database. Essentially, they don’t set out to examine a certain topic themselves, instead they report on the information which is already within the public domain. For example, they don’t create an objective such as being anti-supplement and find as many reasons why to support them, instead they find an article which may state about being anti-supplement and they pull it apart and analyse the pros and cons. As an educational organisation, they are seperate from any supplement or food company, and they ensure all their employees are not affiliates of these either. Read More

Keeping your Oestrogen in check

You want to exercise, you want to lose weight, get fit and have that body that you’ve always dreamt of. You’ve selected healthy food choices and you’ve also upped your exercise intensity. However, you seem to be struggling to get rid of that stubborn fat on your hips or lower stomach. What could be the problem? An answer could be that your oestrogen levels are out of balance. Here we’re specifically going to look at oestrogen levels that are too high. Read More

The Push, Pull, Leg Training Split (3 day example)

Take a quick look at the training routine that you’re currently following at the moment and then reflect on the training routines of the past that you have had a go at. Did you ever have one that just ‘clicked’. Did one of them tick the boxes of frequency, volume, optimal recovery and enjoyment? Either way, if you have ‘paid your dues’ with different training routines, or even if you’re a beginner, chances are that you would have heard of the Push, Pull, Leg training split. Read More

A drink designed to help you sleep…

Throw the bed lights and whale sounds CD into the bin because a new drink claims it can help you have an unbelievable nights sleep with ease.

The drink, intelligently called snooze is the invention of Hans Vriens. The former managing director of Red Bull and the man who previously invested all his time in giving us ‘wings’, now creates a drink to get us a good nights kip. Read More

The dark side of taking steroids

Gone are the days where the ‘juicers’ were professional athletes looking for that extra push in their workout. Over the last few years, everyone from professionals to average joes seeking that extra pump has turned to steroids. But little actually know the true consequences, of what taking steroids can do.

Currently, on the market there are multiple different varieties of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS). A.k.a roids, to that average gym bro that curls for around an hour a day. Each version of steroids work roughly the same as each other, however the consequences differ each time. Read More

Do you need a first aid qualification to be a Personal Trainer?

It’s popular amongst fitness professionals to enquire whether they need a first aid qualification to work in a gym. So, we’ve decided we’d make it easier for you by writing a blog on the pros and cons of this qualification!

So, essentially you don’t need a first aid qualification to work within a gym environment. However, by law, every fitness facility has to have a minimum of one first aid trained individuals on site at all times. So, with this is mind becoming first aid trainer could significantly improve your employment prospects. Read More

5 Ways to get new clients on the gym floor!

Walking the gym floor & gaining new clients isn’t always easy, here we look at 6 different ways you could use to help you build your client base & get your name out there.

1. Exercise of the day: Film or photograph yourself doing an exercise. Use an image editor to add a tittle, teaching points & a call to action. Print it off & create an area in the gym for it. “Unsure how to do this? come grab me & I will teach you how!”. Create opportunities to talk to more people. Read More

Bodypower Experience 2019!

It’s almost that time once again, the Bodypower Experience! Once again we will be setting up our stand for all three days, so come down and have a chat! Who knows, it could be the start of your new career!

The Bodypower Experience is the largest fitness event in the whole of the UK, inspiring and motivating over 100,000 individuals every year. This year the event has changed from an expo, to an experience with the owner’s stating it’s the beginning of a new era. The spectacle encompasses everything from health and fitness to a wealth of knowledge around all aspects. No matter what your level of ability, whether your a beginner or elite Bodypower is the place for you. Read More

You’ve heard of the Vegan Sausage roll, be prepared for Vegan McDonalds Nuggets

In early 2019, the vegan sausage roll took over all the news. The best story in recent years to become breaking news as fans either adored the idea or were fully against Greggs and the horrible product they had decided to make.

Greggs have said although the creation of the vegan sausage roll amongst other healthier creations alike had cost them million to make, for the first time in their history in 2019 they had made over a billion pounds in sales. The vegan sausage roll was released early January to coincide with Veganuary, where people choose to begin the month of January being vegan. Read More

Why fitness classes are taking over the British fitness industry

Fitness classes, usually a female dominated environment as they choose to workout and motivate together, while the males sling weights around acting like alpha males as they listen to loud music with occasional head tilts to fellow lifters.

Have you been in the gym and noticed the influx of traffic (mainly women) coming in on the hour every hour? Out of curiosity you may have paused your workout to check the studio to see what they’re up to, or even gone over to check the class time table, immediately being put off by the like of ‘Legs Bums and Bums’ or ‘Body-Blitz’. If that person is you, you may be making a huge mistake and missing out on a massive training trend coming to the UK. Read More