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Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy

Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy

Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy

The Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy qualification enables a progressive route for advanced Sports Massage Therapists to improve their skillset. Whilst studying this qualification you will learn about different postures, injuries and dysfunctions such as lower crossed syndrome, tendonitis and disc herniations. Along with this you will also learn techniques in how to conduct subjective and objective assessments across 9 different joints in the body. The aim of the Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy qualification is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to treat and/or seek to correct common patterns of dysfunction and suitable pre-diagnosed injuries. The skills and knowledge that you will acquire on this course will make you more employable as a practitioner and help differentiate your business.

You must already hold the Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy qualification

Location: Premier World Fitness, Leeds

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2 Months

Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy



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Course Information

The purpose of this level 4 qualification is to progress therapist’s understanding of advanced anatomical, physiological and pathological principles to aid the application of Sports Massage. It will provide learners with advanced palpation skills and those needed to analyse posture and range of movement. It will also provide practitioners with a range of advanced skills and massage techniques to prevent and manage injury for their clients.

Over the duration of this qualification you will be able to:

  • Understand the clinical procedures for client assessment and treatment planning.
  • Conduct objective physical assessments.
  • Understand the purpose of neuromuscular and tissue mobilisation techniques in sports massage and the skills to be able to apply effective neuromuscular and tissue mobilisation techniques.
  • Utilise soft tissue techniques appropriate to specific clients.
  • Understand treatment modalities to support soft tissue repair.

You will be developing your skillset as a sports massage therapist by learning the following techniques:

  • Soft Tissue Release (STR)
  • Neuromuscular Tiggerpoints (NMT)
  • Muscular Energy Techniques (MET)
  • Orthopaedic Testing
  • In-depth Kinesiology
  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
  • In depth knowledge of soft tissue injuries

Once qualified, a level 4 Sports Massage Therapist may be self-employed or an employed therapist in professional sporting arenas, gyms, private clinics, existing businesses and many other environments.

Course Structure

4x Bi-weekly weekends

During your first weekend you will be given an introduction to your course and you will be handed your course materials. You will undergo teaching and learning of the human anatomy, pathology of common injuries. You will also be taken through a variety of joint assessment techniques and shown how to practically apply them.

The next 3 bi-weekly weekends that will consist in the teaching of practical joint assessment techniques and massage therapies. You will also be shown how to complete professional advanced objective and subjective assessments with clients. Over these weekends you will be completing your own case studies and building your portfolio or work through a series of observations.


When you’re attending the classroom based course we want to make sure that you get as much hands on experience and practice as possible. So that being said, there will be an element of home study during this course. This is where you will be completing assignments and course work to help build your portfolio of evidence.

Course Units

Your qualification will be governed through Active IQ. This will be an internationally recognised qualification and will allow you provide level 4 sports massage therapy techniques to a range of clients.

The units that you will be completing are:

  • Unit 1 – Conducting subjective and objective assessment – worksheets & observations
  • Unit 2 – Provide sports massage techniques to prevent and manage injury – worksheets & observations
  • Unit 3 – Treatment modalities to support soft tissue repair – worksheets

Payment Structure

There are four options in how you can pay for this course. These are:

  • Option 1: £999 full payment
  • Option 2: £150 deposit and 6 monthly payments of £141.50 at 0% interest
  • Option 3: £150 deposit and 9 monthly payments of £94.33 at 0% interest
  • Option 4: £150 deposit and 12 monthly payments of £70.75 at 0% interest

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