The types of stretches and when to do them

A muscle is lengthening and stretching when the two ends of the muscle (the origin and the insertion) move further apart and away from each other.

There are different ways of achieving this lengthening

Dynamic stretching

This type of stretching should be done after a 5 – 10 minutes cardiovascular warm such as jogging, cycling or rowing. The warm up should be done at a low to moderate intensity. ┬áDynamic stretching is perfect for your warm up routine as it will activate your muscles ready for your workout.

Dynamic stretching is ideal for sports and also activities and alternative dynamic stretching techniques may involve mimicking the movements about to be performed in the activity or sport which can be seen as a rehearsal for the muscles.

Static stretching

One of the primary goals of a cool-down after exercise is to help the body relax and return to a steady state of rest. Some of the primary effects of static stretching are decreased muscle tension and increased muscle relaxation making it an ideal activity for use as a cool-down. Static stretches should be held for about 5-10 seconds without moving during the stretch.

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