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Could you train a professional athlete?

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup fast approaching, we decided to look into how footballers go about working with Personal Trainers and fitting it in with their busy schedules.

Personal Training for footballers is a trend which actually hasn’t been around for too long. Only with some of the major players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo taking a lot of pride in their appearance has it become the norm for players to follow. Read More

England’s 2018 World Cup preparation


It’s unbelievable to see how football has changed from just training on the pitch a few times a week, to having a real underpinning of physical and mental health alongside the pitch work. This England training video shows the latest advancements in preparation before the players take part in the biggest footballing competition around. Read More

Guidelines to follow when creating an individualised training programme

Planning individualised programmes for clients is a key principle of a personal trainer’s role. When creating these programmes, trainers must follow specific guidelines.

The guidelines and principles apply to all exercising programmes, in all environments including: Gyms, studios, clients’ homes, public parks, village halls, and even beaches (If you’re lucky enough!) Read More

Measuring Exercise Intensity

Monitoring the exercise intensity of a workout for a client is essential if they are to get the best out of it, while remaining safe.

It can provide a level from which you can determine the session success in the short term and deliver a benchmark in which future sessions can be progressed to further benefit the client.

There are 3 key methods for monitoring the intensity: Read More

HIIT Workouts

HIIT workouts have reached a whole new level for the busy individual.

The HIIT training techniques compiles intense bursts of high intensity work, followed by periods of low intensity active work or sometimes complete rest. HIIT workouts have become extremely popular amongst individuals who are struggling for time. Read More

Modes of cardiovascular training.

There are many different ways to train cardiovascular fitness which can be used as of a client’s supervised or unsupervised training.

There are several types of training that are widely recognised to benefit the cardiovascular system.

Continuous training:

Long slow distance (LSD)

This training is usually identified as aerobic training. It involves working for an extended period of time typically at least 45-60 minutes duration and less than 70% HRmax to develop aerobic base and improve fat oxidation for economy. The intensity of this type of training does not change throughout the session. Read More

Planning and preparing clients for personal training

After a client has been through their initial consultation and appraisal the trainer can prepare for the first fitness session.

The client’s objectives, health, current fitness level and lifestyle can all influence the nature of the exercise programme, including the physical and technical demands, the choice of activities and the exercise environment. The programme must be tailored to the the clients needs and objectives but still cover the main areas of physical development, such as:

– Cardiovascular fitness.

– Muscular fitness.

– Flexibility

– Motor skills.

– Core stability.

Areas of major focus, such as client goals that have been agreed between the trainer and client, should be reflected in the programme by allocating appropriate time, volume and intensity to each activity. The choice of exercises should also be right for the client’s capabilities and objectives. Read More

Goal setting for 2018

Goal setting for yourself or a client is a huge aspect of training and life. Goals help you feel achievement and provide a motivation carry on and aim for success.

When goal setting for a client its essential to consult, and gather as much information as possible to discover the current starting point of their ability. This allows you to set realistic goals based on their capability, from which accurate strategies can be created and applied to ensure they reach their goal. Read More

Training trends to check out in 2018

A new year symbolizes a new you, and many new different training trends to try out after the festive period to get you back into shape!

2017 has been a great year for new methods and trends of training. There has been a whole variety of training aspects from HIIT workouts to horse yoga- yes that is right, horse yoga. It’s extremely hard to stay motivated and always feel ready for training in your free time, let alone spending your hard-earned cash on keeping fit. Therefore, its essential to find the right training method which works for you! Read More

Sir Mo Farah, from Olympics to Marathons.

Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama “Mo” Farah has won it all. Sir Mo is the most successful British track athlete of all time at the Olympic games.

In 2012 he picked up two gold medals in the 5000 and 10,000 metre final and then in 2016 in Rio he won ‘the double double’ by winning gold in the same distance events.

But Sir Mo is not just the best in Olympic track history he is the most decorated in British history.

He has won 10 world titles, has won the British athlete of the year more times than anybody else and was knighted by the Queen this year. Read More