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Goal setting for 2018

Goal setting for yourself or a client is a huge aspect of training and life. Goals help you feel achievement and provide a motivation carry on and aim for success.

When goal setting for a client its essential to consult, and gather as much information as possible to discover the current starting point of their ability. This allows you to set realistic goals based on their capability, from which accurate strategies can be created and applied to ensure they reach their goal. Read More

Training trends to check out in 2018

A new year symbolizes a new you, and many new different training trends to try out after the festive period to get you back into shape!

2017 has been a great year for new methods and trends of training. There has been a whole variety of training aspects from HIIT workouts to horse yoga- yes that is right, horse yoga. It’s extremely hard to stay motivated and always feel ready for training in your free time, let alone spending your hard-earned cash on keeping fit. Therefore, its essential to find the right training method which works for you! Read More

Sir Mo Farah, from Olympics to Marathons.

Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama “Mo” Farah has won it all. Sir Mo is the most successful British track athlete of all time at the Olympic games.

In 2012 he picked up two gold medals in the 5000 and 10,000 metre final and then in 2016 in Rio he won ‘the double double’ by winning gold in the same distance events.

But Sir Mo is not just the best in Olympic track history he is the most decorated in British history.

He has won 10 world titles, has won the British athlete of the year more times than anybody else and was knighted by the Queen this year. Read More

Our Kettlebell Gauntlet HIIT workout

To any of you who have studied with us, you will no the pain and suffering of this workout and we salute you for completing it.

As part of our kettlebell certificate we put students through their paces.

Demonstrating the exercises is not enough you need to be able to appreciate the execution first hand also to put yourself in your client’s shoes.

We would like to challenge you to complete this and let us know your thoughts on this savage gauntlet. Read More

Is your phone your new gym partner?

Gym partners are awesome if you have the right one.

A good gym partner will motivate you to train harder than you might do when you’re on your own, especially if you’re not feeling it.

It can happen to us and there will be times when you have had a bad day and you might just turn up to the gym and go through the motions without any plan, or purpose of execution.

This is when a good gym partner can make all the difference! If they arrive and are up for it then this can give you a lift immediately and give you the focus you need. Read More

Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga is a new fitness craze in the USA and is classed as animal assisted therapy.

Goat Yoga started out on a farm and has since started to sweep through America and its being called a great stress reliever.

Bonding with nature whist doing exercise has said to make you feel happy and it spreads positivity.

The goats just wander around, jump on backs and look for a cuddle from anyone willing to offer one. Read More

Training for The Pain Barrier (Mud Race)

Mud races are not easy things and can demand a lot of physical and mental stamina.

These races put you outside of your comfort zone and demand that you man up!

They last hours and its non stop running and obstacles with everything in-between.

It means pushing yourself to the limits and reaching the pain barrier.

Not an easy thing to do no matter how fit you are. It will put you out of your comfort zone and your body will be pushed to the limit. Read More

A David Haye workout

The highly anticipated heavyweight rematch is on for David Haye V Tony Bellew II at the O2 arena on 17th December 2017.

David Haye is the one who has instigated this fight as he wants revenge for his shock defeat to the liverpublican in March this year.

David Haye went 11 rounds with Bellew back in March and 5 of them rounds he was hobbling around on a ruptured Achilles so naturally he’s not happy with the result and feels if he was fit he would have won the fight. Read More

Tips for running the Yorkshire Marathon

Its that time of year in Yorkshire when runners of all abilities take to the streets to compete in the Yorkshire Marathon.

It’s a fantastic run which takes people through York and its beautiful surrounding scenery this Sunday starting at 09.30am.

Now it’s a bit late to be offering training programs as everyone will have completed all this and are now resting and waiting for the big day.

We can however give you some tips to ensure you stay strong and finish well. Read More

How to train like an NFL player

The NFL is returning to the capital this month as 4 teams will be playing on two separate dates.

Sunday 22nd October, 18:00hrs, Twickenham Stadium. Arizona Cardinals V Los Angeles Rams.

Sunday 29th October, 13.30hrs, Twickenham Stadium. Minnesota Vikings V Cleveland Browns.

So in true Velocity PT Academy we want to know how these athletes train, so today were going to look how to train like an NFL player! Read More