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Methods of gathering screening information

It is a legal and ethical matter that every client should be thoroughly screened, before they begin an exercise programme. The screening should assess their health status, fitness levels and readiness to exercise.

What are the different way in which you can get the screening information?

Questionnaire– This method allows the instructor to gather specific information about the client’s health issues and readiness for exercise. It is the best method if you have limited time as it doesn’t require face to face interaction and can be relatively quick to complete depending on the amount of questions. However, questionnaires don’t allow for clarification of questions and the ability to explain answers resulting in answers which aren’t completely true. There are various questionnaires available which can be given to clients such as: Read More

How would you select the most appropriate method of collecting client information?

Personal trainers have a legally bound duty to minimise the risks and maximise the benefits of exercise for their clients and to protect themselves from litigation.

It is therefore essential that, prior to participation, clients are:

– Screened to identify risks of potential risks of participation that may need to be referred to the GP for clearance.

– Consulted to gather information that can be used to guide the planning of the personal training programme. This may include the client’s: Read More

Explaining the value of reflective practice in Personal Training

It is useful to reflect on the session delivered after it has ended.

The instructor can review their own performance and the performance of the client and can reflect on any feedback gathered from the client regarding how they found the session, e.g. the outcomes achieved and how they experienced the session (likes, dislikes, things they found easy, things they found hard, anything they didn’t understand, etc.).

When reflecting and evaluating it is important to consider:

– How well the exercise met clients needs, i.e. were they safe, effective and enjoyable, and were modifications made in relation to information provided by the client at the start of the session? Read More

Reasons why you may refer clients to other professionals

Factors that comprise the safety of exercise.

In some instances, clients need to delay exercise or be referred to a qualified health professional before participation.

Reasons for temporary deferral of exercise include:

– Illness, such as cold or flu. Sufferers are advised to delay exercise exercise until they are feeling better.

– Pregnancy, which can require GP clearance before exercise can commence. It is covered in PARmedX. Read More

The principles of screening clients prior to exercise EXPLAINED

All clients should be screened before they start an exercise programme to assess their readiness to exercise, their health status and current activity and fitness levels.

Screening clients and acquiring informed consent are compulsory legal and ethical duties of care for exercise and fitness instructors.

Information gathered from the various screening procedures:

–  Governs the advice and guidance offered to clients.

– Influences the design of any exercise and activity programme, including the frequency, intensity and type of activity recommended. Read More

Key health and safety documents that are relevant to the fitness industry

Key health and safety documents include various screening forms used to provide clearance for clients.

Other important documentation relates to health and emergency procedures in the facility.

PAR-Q forms

The PAR-Q and other screening forms are written questionnaires that ask clients a series of questions to check whether exercise needs to be delayed or GP clearance is required before participation. Clients who answer ‘yes’ to one or more questions on the forms must be signposted to their GP to obtain clearance. Read More

Why is it important to go the ‘extra mile’ for your client?

Personal Training, like football, is a results business.

We are in the business of helping our clients to achieve their health & fitness goals so you need to go the extra mile to guarantee that your clients succeed.

That is why it is important but what is going the ‘the extra mile’?

Being professional

If you can’t do the little things right, then you’re going to struggle with the big things. By little things we mean being punctual to your sessions with your client, be ready for the session by having your plan ready and make sure you look presentable. Read More

Should I be an online Personal Trainer?

Its becoming more and more popular to be an online PT and it can only help boost your income.

There are a host of benefits of offering online training to your clients and here we look at the most popular reasons people use them.

Its value for money

The difference in cost for clients is significant. Its likely to be cheaper to buy a 90 day plan online than a one hour face to face session would cost.

When you get so busy that its no longer possible to offer face to face personal training then offering online packages is the obvious choice to make more money and not miss out. Read More

Knowledge is POWER (Online courses)

When it comes to being a personal trainer knowledge is definitely power.

The more knowledge you have then the more you stand in good stead to have more clients.

Do you really want to be asked a question that you don’t know the answer to?

Do you really want a client to ask you to train kettle bells with them but you don’t know how?

What will happen when you can’t provide what potential clients or existing clients want? They will go elsewhere to a trainer that does have the knowledge. Who has the power now? Not you. Read More

Am I too old to be a Personal Trainer?

One of the things we get asked quite frequently when people are enquiring about a course is ‘am I too old to be a personal trainer?’

This is a question which people can sometimes say with fear but the answer is always the same.

You can never be too old to be come a PT!

The most important thing is the desire to help people to achieve their goals. To be passionate in what you do is the most important factor and to have the ability to make a positive impact on other people. Read More