What is a Scoliosis and how to treat clients

Scoliosis is often congenital, and the severity varies a lot between people. Most of the time training approaches for clients with scoliosis are based on preventing additional injuries. Scoliosis is a three-dimensional condition involving spinal changes in different planes, and it can consist of one curve in the coronal plane (C shape) or two curves in the coronal plane (S shape) and a possible torsional curve. Physical exercises, if correctly done, can prevent a worsening of the curve.


The aims of exercising clients with a scoliosis are as follows:

– Correction of the scoliotic posture

– Improved mobility of the whole spine

– Increased length of the musculature of the whole body

– Strengthened core muscles (Including upper and lower back)

For correction of the scoliotic curves, asymmetric exercises are recommended. Clients should try to achieve equal strength on both sides.

Some known causes of Scoliosis are:

– Possible bone abnormalities at birth

– A side effect from previous major back surgery

– A possible side effect from osteoporosis

– Abnormal muscle or nerves that could be derived from illnesses such as spina bifida

However a definitive cause of scoliosis is not yet known even through research. There has been however a strong link showing that scoliosis could be mainly inherited.

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