The return of DMAA? (DMBA)

An ingredient is finding its way into supplement products called AMP Citrate. But what are the effects of this and why does it make the pre-workouts so strong?

AMP Citrate is very similar to DMAA as a compound. However the only difference in its structure is that it is missing the extra Carbon bond that is found in DMAA.

DMAA was banned in the UK back in 2012. It was found in products that had a strong underground following such as Jack3d and Mesomorph.

Dr Chris Jones, MHRA Medicines Borderline Section Manger quoted:

“As always, we will continue to take robust action when unlicensed medicinal products containing DMAA come to our attention.”

“We first removed these products from sale in 2012, and will protect public health by continuing to do so. Although the sale of DMAA products has dropped since 2012, any companies selling this unlicensed medicine is one company too many.”

DMAA can flag up on a drugs test as amphetamine, so in the sporting arena it is on the banned list.

Here’s what a few twitter users say about the product LFT-SHT from The Warrior Project that contains AMP Citrate:

Either way, AMP Citrate is still available over the counter. But be cautious when having a product that has this ingredient in there and be wise with your supplemental choices.

More can be found on DMAA at this link: 

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