Resistance training for beginners

When you start to train a client who is new to the gym you should ensure that you have a logical and structured introduction to resistance training.

They need to develop a solid foundation that can be built upon as they progress as a deconditioned beginner often will have a host of issues such as reduced core strength, weak connective tissue, lower levels of aerobic conditioning and inaccurate exercise technique.

A programme must be designed to improve their weaknesses and progress safely with their goals.

A novice client should be allowed time to develop sufficient connective tissue, anaerobic conditioning and tissue tolerance prior to increasing the training load required to achieve higher level objectives.

In order to physically progress a client over a prolonged period of time it is important to develop a long term training plan. Adopting a logical approach to planning promotes a structured and progressive approach to exercise that can facilitate long term development, promote variety, structure adequate rest periods and minimise the likelihood of overtraining. Long term planning also allows the client to see how they are going to progress from their current fitness levels towards their overall objective.

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