Log book your sessions (Accountabillity)

There are huge benefits to keeping a gym diary workout log book.


Anyone interested in getting in shape and staying fit can reap the benefits of  a gym diary.

It can boost your confidence

Keeping a gym diary can be quite a confidence booster. Looking back over the log book can bring this by being able to notice your progress and improvements.

On the other hand you may have plateaued and your overall performance hasn’t really improved but if you look through your gym diary you will be able to see why.

Going back to confidence it is well known if you are on the right track then you will certainly gain confidence and motivation from your workout log book. Looking back on progress and always striving to beat your last workout will give you a real boost when you achieve the objective of beating your last session.

It will keep you motivated

If you struggle to maintain your motivation or training momentum then keeping a gym diary will work very well for you. Keeping a gym diary even if you are already very motivated can help also as will enable you to gain more insight into your progress. Keeping a log of your training might also make you think twice when you are thinking of skipping the gym. The thought of having nothing to report in your log book may force you to think twice.

It will help keep you focused

If you find yourself in a bit of a pickle and are without a clear game plan it can be hard to get yourself out of a rut. Without keeping a log book it can be easy to lose focus and give up. It can be easy to forget what your goals actually are if you are not recording them. Failing to write down your results will make your good intentions just passing thoughts.

It can help you to avoid sidetracking

Your gym diary can be seen as a road map keeping you in the right direction so you can reach your destination. If you lose your bearings you can always check your gym diary and get back on the right track.

Your gym diary will soon become a reference so you can avoid pitfalls and encourage you to actively measure how far you have come.

It can help you to exercise harder.

Having the desire to write down a good workout each day is a great motivator as the thought of having a bad workout will more than likely keep you from having one. You are bound to have the occasional dip in focus or motivation but the thought of logging a poor workout should be enough motivation to push you harder and improve on the last relevant workout.

Here at Velocity PT Academy recommend using ‘Log It or Lose it’ to keep track on your diet and exercise goals http://logitorloseit.net to use for yourself also as great addition to give your client to help keep them motivated and focused.

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