Glutamine – The king amino acid?

Glutamine is a wonderful amino acid and the benefits of supplementing with it are plentiful.

It’s the most common amino acid which is found in your muscles and is known to boost protein synthesis and recovery.

It s the most abundant amino acid in the human body and when you supplement with Glutamine you will improve protein metabolism and minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Glutamine is definitely the king of the amino acids and if you’re not already supplementing with it then you will be once you read the following 5 benefits.

1 – Glutamine improves your bodies ability to produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and this will aid in fat loss and increase muscle growth.

2 – Glutamine helps to prevent your muscles catabolizing and is linked to protein synthesis.

3 – Glutamine is known to heal ulcers and can help a ‘leaky gut’ and is very important nutrient to your intestines.

4 – It can help to boost the bodies immune system which is really important if you are used to intense training routines as heavy workouts are known to deplete your Glutamine levels.

5 – Here is an incredible one, Glutamine has been known to cure ulcers and has a 92% cure rate if you use 1.6 grams a day.

So there we have some fantastic benefits of supplementing with Glutamine. It is also worth noting that there are not any side effects.

Glutamine is not only important if you’re a bodybuilder as its an essential part of helping your immune system and is very important for maintaining the functions of your intestines. In short if you’re not taking Glutamine then hopefully you will be from now on.

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