Fitness Apps to get you through Autumn & Winter.

Its now autumn and winter is creeping in slowly but surely.

Comfort food in those cold winter nights start to become a bit more frequent our guard can be down when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.

Here we look at some fitness apps to help keep you motivated through the dark winter months.


My Fitness Pal

This is a fantastic app, its been around a while now and is a great way to monitor your diet, daily intake of food and the quality of the food.

The app also holds exercise data and monitors your steps throughout the day. You are able to set goals on the app then it will give you guidelines to stick to in order to achieve them.

The great thing about this app is it has every food you can imagine with its calorie and macronutrient content so you can measure exactly how much you are consuming in each of your foods. The app is free to download and includes updates.



One of the best ways to torch unwanted fat is interval training in the form of HIIT. This will help you to keep the blubber at bay this winter as you can create your own HIIT workouts online with the help of just a stopwatch or timer. This app is really easy to use and looks slick with its design. The free version of the app is all you need but it does include updates.


Fit Radio

It may be getting darker but your mood doesn’t have to match. You can create your playlist and design a soundtrack to your workouts. The tunes will be designed so you always give your best as the app has a mix for every kind of activity for example if you start to sprint then the app will recognize this and this and increase the beat. Another free app with upgrades.


Nike+ Run Club

This is an awesome app and the great thing about it is the social community that is on the there. Other users can challenge you to compete with them on runs which is great for motivation. The app is also very motivational in the fact you enter a big social world of like minded runners who will give you encouragement. This really is the best running app and it works excellently.



This app has bags of workouts which were all created by a PT. The app has close to 200 workouts which you can do anywhere. The app has the technology to even track your movements and is able to provide you with feedback on the exercises it asks you to perform.


Give these 5 apps a go, we would love to know your thoughts and feedback. You don’t always need a gym to workout just a bit of creativity and motivation and you can make a workout out of any environment.

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