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Mental Health Awareness – Depression

All of us have changes in mood. We may feel happy one day and sad the next; this is quite normal and does not mean that we depression or any other mood disorder for that matter. This is only the case when the mood is disturbed for an extended period of time.

Mood disorders are also known as affective disorders and include conditions where mood is elevated, such as mania, or where mood is lowered, such as major depressive disorder (otherwise known as clinical depression). Another mood disorder is bipolar disorder; this was previously known as manic depression, in which moods can fluctuate between low levels & mania. The most common and well-known mood disorder is major depressive disorder. Read More

Brand New Level 2 Mental Health Awareness Qualification!

Here at Velocity we are proud to announce a brand new qualification in level 2 mental health awareness

This is a brand new qualification that has just been created to help people better understand people with mental health conditions. We feel it is a hugely important subject and with us training people to become health professionals we want our learners to be able to help people both physically and mentally. Read More

Another 5 Star Trust Pilot Review!

Level 2 Fitness Instruction and Level 3 Personal Training

I studied my Level 2 fitness instructor and Level 3 personal training course at Velocity. The courses were recommended to me from a previous student, I couldn’t have picked a better place to study! The course is taught very well, a good balance of classroom learning and practical work in the gym, It was really enjoyable learning all the course content. I was really impressed with how the course prepares you with business skills and takes you through the various routes that you can take to help you start up after qualifying. My tutor, Mat was amazing, very helpful throughout and was happy to advise me on any questions I had. Velocity are also more than happy to help you with the application stage of applying for your personal training vacancies. I would highly recommend Velocity PT Academy! Read More

3 Key Stretching Types

Creating a personalised programme of stretching that meets your needs is a vital method to help correct any core dysfunctions or any other postural deviations.

Along with selecting the correct muscles to be stretched, it is also important to choose the right type of stretch for the right purpose. There are 3 major types of stretch: static, dynamic & PNF. Read More

Another 5 Star Trust Pilot Review!

I have recently completed the Platinum…

I have recently completed the Platinum PT qualification with Velocity. I found the course content and structure interesting and easy to learn from. My trainer Matt was amazing, very supportive, motivating and hands on. Everyone I have communicated with in the business from signing up to my course to completion have been very friendly and the ongoing support and help with finding work afterwards has been great and much appreciated. Thanks guys! Read More

Velocity Black Friday Sale!

We have just released our Black Friday sale here at Velocity which includes our biggest discounts ever!! Check out the information below.

Starts – 14th of November 2018

Ends – 14th December 2018

As you can see we have some huge discounts across all of our coureses from our CPD units to our full personal training diploma. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals as they won’t be seen again. Discounts will be automatically applied to the course if done through out website, if done over the phone with on of our team we will manually discount the course for you. Read More

5 Popular Training Systems

There are many different training approaches to both resistance training & CV based training. Here we are going to look at 5 of the most popular training methods that are currently being used within the fitness industry.

HIIT Training

We talked about HIIT training in a recent blog so you can check out the benefits of HIIT there. The technique doesn’t require fitness influencer-level skills, either: you can do HIIT with any workout, as long as you’re mixing up short, intense bursts of activity with less hardcore moves or complete rest in between. Its both time effective & you really feel like you’ve gotten a good workout. You don’t need any equipment & can be done anywhere which is why over the past few years it is probably one of the most popular training methods out there! Read More

Another 5 Star Trust Pilot Review!

I have worked with all the guys and all…

I have worked with all the guys and all are amazing at what they do they have supported me all the way through my training.thanks to all of you for getting me where I am today I would recommend anyone who is thinking of doing the course to go with velocity.. Regards Sue Palmer. Read More