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Should you get a Sports Massage while pregnant?

Sports Massage Therapy is described as an alternative remedial technique to solve or improve a problem which an individual has.  This essentially means that there has been no studies completed solely on if a massage would help or cause problems to a pregnant individual. With this is mind, we did bit of research to see what professional massage therapists thought on the idea, and in particular analysing a deep tissue massage!

Massage Therapists perform deep tissue massages in an attempt to reach the underlying muscles, they do warn that the effects can be felt for multiple days after the massage has taken place. This also includes pressure points in an attempt to trigger deeper muscles in certain areas. Read More

Have you tried to stop drinking alcohol for two weeks?

Have you ever just sat and wondered what alcohol does to your body or how it impacts those gains you so desperately want? Giving up booze for a few weeks can be a challenge to many, but if done correctly you can reap the benefits.

If you can manage just a few weeks without sleep, here’s what you can expect:

Better Sleep

According to a study, drinking alcohol before bed increase alpha brain waves. Now although you may fall asleep easier while drinking, these brain waves are most at use while you’re awake. So, effectively although your asleep the quality of the sleep isn’t very good at all. By avoiding alcohol for a short time, your concentration and performance will increase because your sleep has a better quality. Read More

Is this the hardest marathon in the world?

For some doing a half a marathon is the peak of their physical endurance, for others completing the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon is an unbelievable achievement. For the rest, this simply doesn’t even scratch the surface compared to a ultramarathon. The Barkley Marathons has had only 15 people finish this race since it began in 1986, with over 1000 people taking part in it.

It’s not often when applying for a marathon in which you sign a legal disclaimer which reads ‘ If I am stupid enough to attempt the Barkley, I deserve to be held responsible for any result of that attempt, be it financial, physical, mental, or anything else.’ That’s how intense we’re talking when referring to the Barkley Marathons. Read More

How much do you sweat when working out?

For years we have believed that the amount of sweat produced during our workout, was a sign of how hard we’ve worked. That’s now not entirely true.

Indeed we have all regarded the sweatiness of our sessions as a result of how hard we’ve worked, as we lay there at the end of our workout in a puddle of burpee sweat. However, it turns out that it’s not actually 100% true and there isn’t always a correlation between sweat and effort. For a certain type of gym-goer, the sweat patches are worn like a medal, for another the sweat patches provide embarrassment as it gives the sense that those fitness levels aren’t quite what they used to be. Read More

What are the signs of high Oestrogen?

Oestrogen high Velocity PT Academy

Oestrogen Velocity PT Academy

Firstly we are going to look at what Oestrogen is. Oestrogen is a hormone that is primarily produced in the ovaries for women and also a small amount in the testes, fat and adrenal glands in men. In women, oestrogen is the primary sex hormone that plays a role in regulating the menstrual cycle, aiding pregnancy and also maintaining bone strength and controlling cholesterol levels. Oestrogen levels are affected heavily according to where you are in your menstrual cycle, being the lowest during your period and at the highest during the middle of your cycle. Read More

Imagine getting paid to workout…

You don’t have to imagine it anymore! The “Sweatcoin” app has come under scrutiny in recent weeks and months however we’ve decided to give it a review and make it easier for you whether it’s worthwhile downloading!

The UK is currently in the middle of an obesity epidemic, with WHO (2014) reporting that over 62% of the population is overweight or obese. Since health and wellness is a regular New Year’s Resolution for many, having that financial incentive may be the push we need to continue those resolutions. Read More

What foods should you avoid during pregnancy?

Being pregnant can be a heavily stressful period in life, but did you know there is in fact foods which you should be avoiding while pregnant as they could potentially harm you and your baby?

Below is a list of foods which leading health care professionals say you should avoid and reasons why, some of them even shocked us!

Soft Cheese with White Rinds (Brie, Camembert)


Soft blue-veined cheeses (Danish Blue, Gorgonzola, Roquefort)Less acidic then hard cheeses and they contain more moisture. This is an ideal environment for harmful bacteria such as listeria to grow in. Read More

Brand New Level 2 Mental Health Awareness Qualification!

Here at Velocity we are proud to announce a brand new qualification in level 2 mental health awareness

This is a brand new qualification that has just been created to help people better understand people with mental health conditions. We feel it is a hugely important subject and with us training people to become health professionals we want our learners to be able to help people both physically and mentally. Read More

3 Key Stretching Types

Creating a personalised programme of stretching that meets your needs is a vital method to help correct any core dysfunctions or any other postural deviations.

Along with selecting the correct muscles to be stretched, it is also important to choose the right type of stretch for the right purpose. There are 3 major types of stretch: static, dynamic & PNF. Read More

Another 5 Star Trust Pilot Review!

I have recently completed the Platinum…

I have recently completed the Platinum PT qualification with Velocity. I found the course content and structure interesting and easy to learn from. My trainer Matt was amazing, very supportive, motivating and hands on. Everyone I have communicated with in the business from signing up to my course to completion have been very friendly and the ongoing support and help with finding work afterwards has been great and much appreciated. Thanks guys! Read More