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Sir Mo Farah, from Olympics to Marathons.

Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama “Mo” Farah has won it all. Sir Mo is the most successful British track athlete of all time at the Olympic games.

In 2012 he picked up two gold medals in the 5000 and 10,000 metre final and then in 2016 in Rio he won ‘the double double’ by winning gold in the same distance events.

But Sir Mo is not just the best in Olympic track history he is the most decorated in British history.

He has won 10 world titles, has won the British athlete of the year more times than anybody else and was knighted by the Queen this year. Read More

5 Fitness gifts to look out for on Black Friday.

Black Friday is a day when retailers offer discounts on products which is on Friday 24th November.

Here we look at 5 fitness gifts you could save money on this year and help with your Christmas shopping:


For a fitness enthusiast this would be a great Christmas gift and there will be plenty of deals about on the run up to black Friday plus further discounts on the day.

The best places to look out for a deal on a new Fitbit would be Amazon Currys PC World , Argos  and Fitbits online shop Read More

Explaining the value of reflective practice in Personal Training.

It is useful to reflect on the session delivered after it has ended.

The instructor can review their own performance and the performance of the client and can reflect on any feedback gathered from the client regarding how they found the session, e.g. the outcomes achieved and how they experienced the session (likes, dislikes, things they found easy, things they found hard, anything they didn’t understand, etc.).

When reflecting and evaluating it is important to consider:

– How well the exercise met clients needs, i.e. were they safe, effective and enjoyable, and were modifications made in relation to information provided by the client at the start of the session? Read More

Reasons why you may refer clients to other professionals.

Factors that comprise the safety of exercise.

In some instances, clients need to delay exercise or be referred to a qualified health professional before participation.

Reasons for temporary deferral of exercise include:

– Illness, such as cold or flu. Sufferers are advised to delay exercise exercise until they are feeling better.

– Pregnancy, which can require GP clearance before exercise can commence. It is covered in PARmedX. Read More

The principles of screening clients prior to exercise EXPLAINED

All clients should be screened before they start an exercise programme to assess their readiness to exercise, their health status and current activity and fitness levels.

Screening clients and acquiring informed consent are compulsory legal and ethical duties of care for exercise and fitness instructors.

Information gathered from the various screening procedures:

–  Governs the advice and guidance offered to clients.

– Influences the design of any exercise and activity programme, including the frequency, intensity and type of activity recommended. Read More

Key health and safety documents that are relevant to the fitness industry.

Key health and safety documents include various screening forms used to provide clearance for clients.

Other important documentation relates to health and emergency procedures in the facility.

PAR-Q forms

The PAR-Q and other screening forms are written questionnaires that ask clients a series of questions to check whether exercise needs to be delayed or GP clearance is required before participation. Clients who answer ‘yes’ to one or more questions on the forms must be signposted to their GP to obtain clearance. Read More

Horse Yoga?

You’ll neigh-ver believe it! Yes, you herd it………… horse yoga!

And where not horsing around either, but enough of the puns.

Horse yoga has been founded by Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati who are father and son from San Luis in Argentina. But forget we get carried away its not the ancient art of yoga that reports suggest.

Horse yoga is technique which is used to tame wild horses and its meant to build trust with them. If a horse is traumatised, anxious or nervous then the art of horse yoga is meant to calm them and build trust with the person taming them. Read More

Our Kettlebell Gauntlet HIIT workout

To any of you who have studied with us, you will no the pain and suffering of this workout and we salute you for completing it.

As part of our kettlebell certificate we put students through their paces.

Demonstrating the exercises is not enough you need to be able to appreciate the execution first hand also to put yourself in your client’s shoes.

We would like to challenge you to complete this and let us know your thoughts on this savage gauntlet. Read More

Is your phone your new gym partner?

Gym partners are awesome if you have the right one.

A good gym partner will motivate you to train harder than you might do when you’re on your own, especially if you’re not feeling it.

It can happen to us and there will be times when you have had a bad day and you might just turn up to the gym and go through the motions without any plan, or purpose of execution.

This is when a good gym partner can make all the difference! If they arrive and are up for it then this can give you a lift immediately and give you the focus you need. Read More

Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga is a new fitness craze in the USA and is classed as animal assisted therapy.

Goat Yoga started out on a farm and has since started to sweep through America and its being called a great stress reliever.

Bonding with nature whist doing exercise has said to make you feel happy and it spreads positivity.

The goats just wander around, jump on backs and look for a cuddle from anyone willing to offer one. Read More