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The benefits of having a website as a PT

In the last decade we have seen a huge change in the way we interact and do business.

We have seen a massive increase in the use of the internet and also the amount of people who now use smartphones and tablets with 60% of all searches now done on smartphones.

An effective on-line presence is essential to succeed in the market place as 80% of us go on-line for any kind of information.

The base of your on-line presence and also your digital salesman is your website and this can offer limitless opportunities for your business.

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The dying art of a client consultation

How do you feel when consulting with another professional and it seems like they’re just working down a checklist?

This happens too often during an initial consultation between client and trainer. In doing so, many important objectives can be overlooked that would otherwise set the client/trainer relationship up for immediate and long lasting success.

To conduct a proper initial consultation, certain key objectives should be addressed, but in a way that feels like a genuine conversation.

Here we look at some important factors in an initial client consultation

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Ideas for promoting client adherence

You have a new client, which is brilliant. However you now need to keep the client interested in training and achieving their goals.

This can prove more difficult than it sounds. So we have come up with some ideas for you to help your clients keep focused in achieving their goals.

Rewards or incentives – Instructors and organisations use these to help develop and strengthen a client’s motivation and adherence. This method of positive reinforcement lets the client and members know that their efforts have been noted and rewarded, when they achieve a set target or goal. It could be something as simple as a t-shirt or a water bottle, but the fact that their effort has been rewarded is a strong motivator.

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This will kill your Google rankings!

If you have a website and your aim is to get to that first Google page then you need to make sure that you’re not using duplicate content. Nothing hurts a search engines quest for relevant content more than finding the exact same stuff on different pages.

Duplication is a big no for the following reasons:

Duplication used to be another tactic used to fool search engines:

Website holders used to take their website and copy it over across many different domains and then linking them all together. Years ago this would have fooled the older versions of the search engines to seeing many relevant sites interlinking with each other. But now penalties are served for this, and could lead to the site been blacklisted.

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