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Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga is a new fitness craze in the USA and is classed as animal assisted therapy.

Goat Yoga started out on a farm and has since started to sweep through America and its being called a great stress reliever.

Bonding with nature whist doing exercise has said to make you feel happy and it spreads positivity.

The goats just wander around, jump on backs and look for a cuddle from anyone willing to offer one. Read More

Training for The Pain Barrier (Mud Race)

Mud races are not easy things and can demand a lot of physical and mental stamina.

These races put you outside of your comfort zone and demand that you man up!

They last hours and its non stop running and obstacles with everything in-between.

It means pushing yourself to the limits and reaching the pain barrier.

Not an easy thing to do no matter how fit you are. It will put you out of your comfort zone and your body will be pushed to the limit. Read More

Why should I be GP Referral qualified?

Why should you be GP Referral Qualified?

There are many reasons why you should be, or you may want to be, GP Referral qualified.

Many people get into Personal Training because they want to help people and make a positive difference in peoples lives.

The people who go to their local doctors for help and guidance are vulnerable and are looking for help with their health related diseases. Read More

Castleford Tigers, the road to Old Trafford

They’re doing a Leicester! Castleford Tigers are going from strength to strength after a thrilling victory against St. Helens.

Luke Gales emphatic winning kick secured Cas a place in the Grand Final at the theatre of dreams.

Castleford Tigers where formed in 1926 and have only been into the grand final on one occasion. They have won the challenge cup 4 times and now for the the first time in there 91-year history have sealed themselves their first Super League to immortalize themselves in the history books. Read More

4 Week training for the Leeds Abbey Dash

The Leeds Abbey dash is just over 4 weeks away so if you’ve signed up and haven’t done any training then fear not, there is still time to get ready for the race.

The Leeds Abbey dash is a charity event which raises money for Age UK which provides support for over 1.2 million older people in the U.K. who are lonely or have nobody to turn to.

Four weeks is plenty of time to prepare for a 10k race so try and stay calm and don’t overdo it as there is no need for panic. If you panic and start training too much then your prone to injury which will set you back. Read More

Glutamine – The king amino acid?

Glutamine is a wonderful amino acid and the benefits of supplementing with it are plentiful.

It’s the most common amino acid which is found in your muscles and is known to boost protein synthesis and recovery.

It s the most abundant amino acid in the human body and when you supplement with Glutamine you will improve protein metabolism and minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Glutamine is definitely the king of the amino acids and if you’re not already supplementing with it then you will be once you read the following 5 benefits. Read More

The return of DMAA? (DMBA)

An ingredient is finding its way into supplement products called AMP Citrate. But what are the effects of this and why does it make the pre-workouts so strong?

AMP Citrate is very similar to DMAA as a compound. However the only difference in its structure is that it is missing the extra Carbon bond that is found in DMAA.

DMAA was banned in the UK back in 2012. It was found in products that had a strong underground following such as Jack3d and Mesomorph. Read More

The Rise of the Mud Runs

Mud runs have become massively popular over the last 5 years and there are now over 40 different companies that organise mud runs and obstacle courses.

You have probably done one yourself! They are a really good day out and really fun to do if you like this sort of thing.

Most of these races combine the two so you can typically expect a 10k run in the mud whilst battling obstacles such as pits of mud, wooden hurdles and crawling under barbed wire.

You can expect a mud run to last a few hours so it’s usually a full day out as you will be up early preparing and getting your kit on, travelling to the event, taking part, then celebrating with your team when you cross the finish line, then home for a shower. Read More

What’s the importance of sleep for exercise?

A healthy diet followed by regular exercise and a good night’s sleep are the foundations for good health.

A good PT or fitness/sports coach will be well aware why its important to be able to train hard and eat well, to fuel and recover from your workouts.

The importance of sufficient rest and recovery is high after exercising and this is when quality of sleep plays an important factor.

We all know that sleep is very important and the body needs it as otherwise we would not be able to function properly if we get over tired. Read More