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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Velocity?

Velocity PT Academy is an exclusive private training provider that has been set up by industry-experienced professionals to educate and inspire people to unlock their potential.

Velocity PT Academy has a vision to change the perception of personal training courses in the industry. We believe that in order to become a fully qualified fitness professional you need your learning experience to suit you as an individual, that’s why we have our 2 main study options of our part-time and online courses. But why choose us? Read More

Level 3 Qualified? What Does Level 4 Sports Massage Involve?

Level 3 Qualified? What Does Level 4 Sports Massage Involve?

So, you are qualified in level 3 sports massage. Are you looking to further develop your skills making you a more knowledgeable & effective therapist?

Velocity PT Academy are proud to announce a new level 4 sports massage qualification! The course is an International level 4 certificate in sports massage therapy. The purpose of this level 4 qualification is to progress therapist’s understanding of advanced anatomical, physiological and pathological principles to aid the application of sports massage. Read More

Student reviews of Velocity PT Academy!

Getting feedback from our students in crucial, it helps us develop and understand the areas which may need improvement. It also ensures to future students that we are the number 1 fitness training course provider.

Matt Welch

“I attended both the level 2 and 3 personal training courses at Velocity PT Academy. I found these courses to be excellent being both fully comprehensive and well delivered by an experienced tutor.  I would definitely recommend Velocity PT Academy to anyone wishing to obtain any of their range of fitness industry recognised qualifications and would definitely use their services again myself in the future to further my own education in the field.” Read More

Marketing yourself as a Personal Trainer

When it comes to marketing and sales, personal trainers must be 100% familiar with their own personality and ability.

Often the personality of a trainer can completely match with a client which is great and allows you to create a bond straight away, however more than likely it is the style of the trainer which actually attracts the clients. There are in fact roughly 3 different types of trainers: Read More

From One-Person Business to a steady company

An important prosperity scenario is expanding a personal training business by employing multiple personal trainers.

This is possible by hiring them as employees or by connecting them to the business as self employed contractors.

Naturally the consequences differ greatly. The risk is significantly higher if an entrepreneur hires one or more personal trainers. However, the income is also higher. The relationship between base salary and commission can be managed. Little specific information is present on the criteria for hiring someone or expanding the team. A good principle is to not grow and mature to soon. It is better to first build on the strategies mentioned previously before switching to having a lot of employees. So, an entrepreneur should first increase turnover per hour and then try to build up continuity with subscriptions for personal training. When working with a team, usually a small team of two to six people, the entrepreneur should make sure to divide the core tasks efficiently, making sure that everyone does the same thing, namely delivering sessions. Specialise the team in terms of two issues. The first concerns content: Make sure that every member has their own speciality, or better yet assemble a team of personal trainers with complimentary specialities. The second concerns the commercial dimension. Hire a few trainers who continuously recruit new clients in addition to delivering sessions. Read More

Presentation and Qualifications in Personal Training

A personal trainer should convey a large quantity of characteristics that ensure the client experiences enough value and continues to follow personal training sessions for a longer period of time.

The following list provides a short overview:

– It is self-evident that a fitness instructor is professional. However, more is demanded of a personal trainer in the area of professional attitude, communication, motivation and follow up with the clients. Generally speaking, personal trainers must adopt a more proactive attitude. They must take the lead in coaching clients in every detail of the exercise programme. Nothing is left to chance. Read More

Professionalism of Personal Trainers in Business

The profession of personal trainer differs from other positions in the fitness industry, including that of fitness instructor, in many ways.

More professional activity and entrepreneurship is demanded of personal trainers, whether they are employed by a club or own a business.

Personal trainers in paid employment often handle clients differently. More flexibility is demanded, and their salary is often variable. The way a fitness professional communicates with clients is substantially different in the job of fitness instructor. The differences between personal trainers and fitness instructors follow: Read More

Informed Consent Process and Form

Informed consent is the process of obtaining the clients signature to confirm that they have read and received a satisfactory explanation of the benefits, limitations and risks of engaging in the services being offered.

Clients must be aware that their consent needs to be given freely and that they have the right to withdraw this consent and stop an exercise test or programme or terminate any other service at any time.

Informed consent must be obtained from a client prior to beginning any process in a professional capacity. This includes when a personal trainer collects a client’s personal information, conducts fitness assessments, provides lifestyle advice, designs an exercise programme or instructs exercise. Read More

Bodypower Expo 2018 Highlights

Another year passes and another successful Bodypower expo is completed for Velocity PT Academy. There were many highlights of this years expo, one of them being the Las Vegas theme used to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary.

Check out our highlights video below! (Shot and edited by the very talented Brandon Milner).

We had 2 competitions running over the weekend, one of them being the coveted “Free course” that we give away each year. The winner was announced yesterday during a Facebook live video we published! The other competition was a “Guess the calories” challenge in order to win 24 protein goodies! The winner for this was also released on Tuesday across our social pages. Read More

How does screening and consulting before exercise help you and your client?

Personal Trainers have a legal duty to ensure they minimise any risks and maximise the benefits of exercise for their clients.

Screening clients ensures that you have in depth knowledge of their previous physical states and medical knowledge. This ensuring that you are either able to create an effective programme for them as they are ready for exercise or that you must refer them to a GP to get clearance on a potential risk. Read More