Breakfast of Champions (Oats & Whey Protein)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what you decide to eat will shape it.

A good breakfast can help you keep focused throughout the day, fuels you up till lunchtime and gives your brain the energy it needs to function properly.

Not only does a good breakfast control your appetite and stops you from snacking throughout the morning it all so energizes us as when you eat a healthy breakfast as it kick starts your body chemistry.

If you are a training program then a good breakfast is even more important and its essential you make the right choice to give you enough protein, carbs and nutrients to fuel the body.

We recommend combining oats with whey protein powder as it a perfect ratio of carbs and protein that will nourish the body in a morning.

Its well known how good for you oats are, they are rich in fiber and carbs but also a lot higher than most other grains and they are packed full of vitamins and also minerals.

Oats are also packed full of antioxidants and are high in soluble fiber which increases the feeling of fullness and reduces your blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

They can also help you to lose body fat as they will keep you fuller for longer which will stop you from eating more throughout the day.

Add to the health benefits of Oats by mixing Whey Protein Powder into them when your oats are cooked.

The Whey will supply the body with protein which will assist in slamming on muscle mass and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

We recommend using a flavored protein powder such as chocolate which is delicious combined with warm oats.

You can cook your oats the traditional way of boiling them or if that’s not convenient just pour boiling water on them stir properly then add the powder. If your watching your calorie intake, then just add boiling water or if not you can use milk and either boil or microwave. We recommend using sugar free oats to keep the breakfast as healthy as possible.

Why not try it yourself and let us know what you think.

27 grams of porridge with 180ml of semi skimmed milk mixed with one scoop of protein powder contains 271 calories, 30 grams of protein, 26 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fat.


Now that is a breakfast of champions!

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