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The return of DMAA? (DMBA)

An ingredient is finding its way into supplement products called AMP Citrate. But what are the effects of this and why does it make the pre-workouts so strong?

AMP Citrate is very similar to DMAA as a compound. However the only difference in its structure is that it is missing the extra Carbon bond that is found in DMAA.

DMAA was banned in the UK back in 2012. It was found in products that had a strong underground following such as Jack3d and Mesomorph. Read More

Rich Piana (26/09/1971 – 25/09/2017)

From some strong personal sources, it seems that Rich Piana has sadly passed away today (25/09/2017).

Rich Piana was a juggernaut within the fitness industry who came to fame with his Youtube videos and his social media pages. With his strong following, he had branched out, and in 2014 he created his own supplement brand called 5% Nutrition. Read More

The Rise of the Mud Runs

Mud runs have become massively popular over the last 5 years and there are now over 40 different companies that organise mud runs and obstacle courses.

You have probably done one yourself! They are a really good day out and really fun to do if you like this sort of thing.

Most of these races combine the two so you can typically expect a 10k run in the mud whilst battling obstacles such as pits of mud, wooden hurdles and crawling under barbed wire.

You can expect a mud run to last a few hours so it’s usually a full day out as you will be up early preparing and getting your kit on, travelling to the event, taking part, then celebrating with your team when you cross the finish line, then home for a shower. Read More

Arnold Schwarzeneggers Chest & Back workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger is well known for his huge chest and back and its no wonder when you see his workout program.

Arnold trained his chest and his back three times a week along with every other muscle in the body.

Arnie would often perform supersets which antagonistic muscle groups like chest & back and biceps & triceps. The reason he always trained using the advanced training principle of super setting was it created a fantastic pump as the blood is all in one area, also whist one muscle is stretched the other is contracted. Read More

Are You Overtraining – How much is too much? Should you stop?

Overtraining is when the body has a dip in performance as a result of training over a long period of time.

Of course, if you want to make any progress in the gym you have to be consistent which means you rarely miss a workout.

The human body can only take so much so if you train too hard, too long and too often it can physically and psychologically be debilitating.

This results in being constantly fatigued, tired and worn out and the effects can even tear your muscles down instead of building them up. Read More

What’s the importance of sleep for exercise?

A healthy diet followed by regular exercise and a good night’s sleep are the foundations for good health.

A good PT or fitness/sports coach will be well aware why its important to be able to train hard and eat well, to fuel and recover from your workouts.

The importance of sufficient rest and recovery is high after exercising and this is when quality of sleep plays an important factor.

We all know that sleep is very important and the body needs it as otherwise we would not be able to function properly if we get over tired. Read More

Is Online Personal Training, here to stay?

Online personal training is becoming incredibly popular but is it just a fad or is it here to stay?

It’s a cheaper alternative and as we all can appreciate; PT’s can be quite expensive.

Online personal training can bring fantastic results as long as you are already highly motivated. If you don’t already have the drive and commitment, then its probably not for you as an automated voice probably wont motivate you the same way a real person would. Read More

3 tips for a PT interview

We all know the route to becoming a PT can be a bit of a journey.

It’s a bit like being released from the army. You are learning and regimented with your study/training then when you leave you’re suddenly on your own and think, ‘what the hell do I do now?’.

Most freshly qualified PT’s will go down the route of working in a gym as it offers the opportunity of having all your future potential clients all under one roof, and all the equipment you will ever need. Read More

How To Increase PT Sales – Our Top tips

As a PT you’re predominantly self employed, and responsible for bringing home your own bacon.

The fitness industry is very competitive so you need to find as many ways you can make an impact and get more clients.

Here we look at some useful tips to help.

Work the floor

One of the best way to get more clients is to actively approach them in the gym and show a genuine interest in them.

Plenty of times in gyms you see a PT just stood there expecting people to just come over to them and get signed up just cos they have ‘PT’ on the back of their top!  This does not happen and people will not approach you. Read More

The fastest man in history – Usain Bolt

So this weekend was Usain Bolts curtain call as he draws time on his illustrious career.

Bolt coming into his last race holds 8 Olympic gold medals and is the 100m, 200m and 4 x 100m world record holder.

Unfortunately, though there was no Gold this time for the 8 time Olympic Gold medallist as he had to settle for a bronze medal.

He retires as still the fastest man in history and no other sprinter in history has ever come close to him. Read More