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Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is the healthiest drink you could ask for.

Its packed full of nutrients and antioxidants and has some amazing benefits to the body.

Here we look at 6 amazing health benefits of drinking green tea.

It boosts your metabolism

Green tea contains properties that can help to increase your metabolism so if you combine green tea with exercise and a healthy diet it can help you to lose weight. Read More

German Volume Training (GVT)

GVT is well known to be hard work, and that it packs on serious muscle mass in a short space of time.

GVT usually involves you doing 10 sets of 10 reps per exercise, hence volume training.

This training method originated from (you guessed it) Germany and the 10 set method was used by weightlifters in their off-season to help them develop lean muscle mass.

GVT as discussed is hard work and very taxing on the body and it is that reason it also brings results. The old saying ‘if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’ and this certainly challenge you as the method is completing 10 sets of 10 reps! Read More

Top 5 Carbs for dieting

There are differences in people’s opinion when it comes to carbs and weight loss, and they’ve had quite a hard time over the last decade.

The truth is, if you pick the right carbohydrates in the right quantities, they will actually help you to lose weight.

The reason the right kind of carbs can help you lose weight is they keep you fuller for longer as they have a low GI content which means they carbs are released slower into your body.

By having a steady release of carbs it will stop you from snaking or from having pangs of hunger later on. Read More

The rise of the fitness expo

Fitness expos in the U.K. are getting more and more popular the longer they keep going.

For many a health and fitness enthusiast its like being a kid in a candy shop as everything you love, is all under one roof.

The expos are an opportunity to meet some of your idols as they all usually have big names that attend their shows.

The expos are also full of all your favourite supplement companies and clothing retailers and have guest speakers, shows and demonstrations, healthy food and drinks the companies and pretty much most things you can think of related to health and fitness. Read More

Training outdoors

Summer is here and many of us are making the most of it and training outdoors.

Natures gym has lots to offer and you can train for most activities and sports.

If you’re into playing sports then its an ideal time to make the most of it and get outdoors for a game of football, go for a run, go cycling or play tennis, its always better outdoors.

Here are a few benefits of training outdoors: Read More

Fitness holidays – Are they worth it?

Fitness holiday are a thing and they seem to be very fashionable, especially if you have a few quid behind you.

If you can justify spending around £2000 for 10 days abroad being put through your paces, then a fitness holiday might be for you.

If you have even more time and money, then why not get go on a fitness holiday to get a beach body before you go on holiday and put weight back on you just lost on your fitness holiday! Makes sense right….? Not really. Read More

When to deload training

To put it simply, a deload is a short period of recovery usually lasting a week.

You can train with lighter weights or just limit your frequency of training and just generally ease back a bit.

A good deload can be just what your workouts need and can take your training from good to amazing. A good time to deload is when you feel demotivated, stuck in a rut or if your training has plateaued. Read More

Why clients should understand the advantages of Personal Training

There are so many advantages of having a PT and they are essential if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

A PT can help you with all of your goals whether that is weight loss, muscle building, sports orientated or for athletic purposes.

We look at the most critical reasons why you should have a Personal Trainer, as well as the benefits.

They educate you

Personal Trainers are trained to teach others how to exercise. Exercise is one part of hiring a PT but nutrition and lifestyle paly a huge role in the overall picture. Read More

Injury – Tendonitis

Tendons are bands of tissue that attach muscle to bone.

When your muscles contract your tendons help to move the bones and joints.

Tendon injuries typically happen in sports that involve sudden, sharp movements or after the repeated overuse of the tendons.

The main symptoms of tendonitis are:

  • Difficulty in moving the tendon
  • A grating sensation when you move the tendon
  • Pain in the tendon
  • Swelling and occasionally redness
  • A lump along the tendon

You should go to your GP or a minor injuries unit your symptoms don’t improve within a few weeks and your still in a lot of pain. You should also go if you think you have ruptured a tendon as this will cause severe pain. Read More

How do you ensure clients commit themselves to long term change?

As a Personal Trainer one of the main focusses of your job is aiding your clients to change their exercise and diet habits.

There can be no short term fixes with this approach as micro changes should be made over time so the client doesn’t feel like its such a daunting task.

An example of this would be to slowly cut back on sugar in tea by half a teaspoon every week or two instead of eliminating it altogether which could result in relapse after a few days.

There are certain requirements for successful behavior change which clients should have to become successful in making a healthier long-term change. Read More