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NEW RESEARCH – How long should I rest between sets?

How long should I rest between sets?

ACSM Guidelines state:

Muscular Endurance – 30 – 60 seconds

Hypertrophy – 1 – 2 minutes

Strength 3 – 5 minutes

However we now have scientific research to show evidence of a new theory with concrete evidence showing that another rest time could be optimal for hypertrophy gains. Read More

Free weights vs Resistance machines

There has been a long-standing debate in which is the better type of equipment to help you reach your fitness needs. However when you ask from person to person you will always get a different answer and it will always come down to one thing. Their own personal preferences.

We have given our views on the subject matter here. When we look at the question, ‘free weights or resistance machines’ it should pose more questions surrounding it. The first one being, that we believe is the most important, what’s trainers exercise experience and history like. For example, the clean and press is a fantastic exercise when executed perfectly. It is a thing of beauty and will engage muscles that you never thought you had. However, would you implement this into a plan for a new gym goer? The short answer is, no. Read More

Resistance training for beginners

When you start to train a client who is new to the gym you should ensure that you have a logical and structured introduction to resistance training.

They need to develop a solid foundation that can be built upon as they progress as a deconditioned beginner often will have a host of issues such as reduced core strength, weak connective tissue, lower levels of aerobic conditioning and inaccurate exercise technique.

A programme must be designed to improve their weaknesses and progress safely with their goals.

A novice client should be allowed time to develop sufficient connective tissue, anaerobic conditioning and tissue tolerance prior to increasing the training load required to achieve higher level objectives. Read More

The types of stretches and when to do them

A muscle is lengthening and stretching when the two ends of the muscle (the origin and the insertion) move further apart and away from each other.

There are different ways of achieving this lengthening

Dynamic stretching

This type of stretching should be done after a 5 – 10 minutes cardiovascular warm such as jogging, cycling or rowing. The warm up should be done at a low to moderate intensity.  Dynamic stretching is perfect for your warm up routine as it will activate your muscles ready for your workout. Read More

Trans fats dirty secret – hydrogenation

The relationship between disease, fat intake and lipids levels (like cholesterol) is a complex one.

There is very strong evidence linking disease with fats that are heavily processed such as vegetable oils.

Hydrogenation is a common processing method when cheap oils and converted into solid spreadable fats such as margarine. Heating and chemical manipulation is the process for converting oils into a solid saturated form. One potential by-product of this form of processing is trans fats as whilst they are structurally similar to ‘normal’ unsaturated their fatty acid chains have been distorted by the hydrogenation process. Read More

Training Cycles (Periodisation)

Periodisation is the process of dividing an annual training plan into specific time blocks, where each block has a particular goal and provides your body with different types of stress.

This allows you to create some hard training periods and some easier periods to facilitate recovery. Training cycles are used a lot in sports with the aim of being iat a physical peak at certain times.

The benefit of using training cycles is that when the body has adapted to your current training program and staleness starts to set in, you up and change the game. You switch up the focus and add new stimulation in order to trigger a new set of adaptations. Read More

BODYPOWER 2017 Highlights

 Velocity PT Academy were proud to exhibit at Bodypower Expo at the NEC in Birmingham this year. This is our 4th successive year attending the expo.

We met so many people this year and offered them help and guidance about getting into the fitness industry. We also ran a competition to giveaway a free PT Diploma course to one lucky winner!

If you’re looking to attend next year then be sure to look out for the VelocityPT Academy stand for another chance to win!

Look to start your fitness career by enrolling onto one of our internationally recognised courses. Read More

BodyPower 2017 review

Well what a three days that was! We are all feeling a bit tired after a very busy few days down at the NEC Birmingham for BodyPower 2017.

It was great to meet so many health and fitness enthusiasts down there and share information on the courses we have to offer.

In total we met over 200 people who wanted to start a career in the fitness industry.

We had a competition running where one lucky person won a free PT Diploma to launch their career in the fitness industry. We also had a fitness IQ test which went down really well and got loads of people having a go. Read More

The countdown to BodyPower…….. 1 day to go!

It’s the biggest indoor, health and fitness expo in the world and its finally here tomorrow, at the NEC Birmingham!

We shall be there bright and early setting up ready for the doors to open at 9am. We are there for the full three days so If you’re going down be sure to come and say hello to us at stand D36.

We will be running some fun competitions including a raffle, fitness IQ test and a test of strength. Winners all receive a unique course of their choice.

So just in-case you don’t know much about BodyPower it’s a monster of an expo spanning six halls that will capture the imagination of any fitness enthusiast. BodyPower is a place that brings health and fitness to life and celebrates everything positive in this great industry we are involved in. It’s a place where you can meet your idols, see the biggest brands, enter live competitions get samples and submerge yourself in all things health and fitness. Read More