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What is the answer to helping people with Type 2 diabetes?

Bariatric surgery or education and motivation?

Hundreds of thousands of people with type 2 diabetes could be offered weight-loss gastric-band surgery on the NHS.

New draft guidance from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggests that obese people with the condition should be assessed for bariatric surgery – such as having a gastric band fitted to reduce the size of the stomach or a gastric bypass, where the digestive system is re-routed past most of the stomach. Read More

Fitness Trend of the year – Wearable Technology!

A lot of people still have divided opinions about wearable tech.

The facts are that people who use trackers are 30 to 40 percent more active, research reveals.

“Trackers help facilitate self-awareness and mindfulness, which are necessary for behavior change,” explains Lee Jordan, an ACE-certified health coach and behavior change specialist. Adds star trainer Harley Pasternak, “A tracker unshackles my clients from needing a gym or equipment to simply getting in their activity that day.” Read More

Life after sport

Life after sport can be a challenging time.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity for reinvention

For many, being involved in professional or top level sport is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. But not all sports careers can last forever, have you considered what comes next? It’s never too early, or too late, to think about your future. Read More

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What type of hormone is Relaxin?

During pregnancy relaxin (a hormone released from the first trimester) softens ligaments, cartilage and the cervix, allowing greater potential movement in the joints.

This is especially important for the pelvic girdle and particularly the pubis symphysis and the sacroiliac joint that need to separate to some degree to facilitate the delivery of the baby. However, the effects of relaxin mean that the joints throughout the body are potentially vulnerable and therefore should not be overly stressed, for example through excessive and vigorous stretching. Read More

What physique type are you?

An individuals body type has a significant impact on their ability to perform various physical tasks successfully, such as a tall, thin individual would be better suited to playing basketball than playing rugby.

A very simple system has been adopted to assess a person’s body type. This system is called somatotyping. This system suggests that there are three distinct body types, these are:


Ectomorphs are naturally thin in stature and carry little body fat. They will find it progressively difficult to add weight, whether it been body fat or muscle. Physically, an ectomorph would have long levers and light body frames, which would make them more suited to weight baring bodyweight exercises such as long distance running. Read More

We are recruiting!

A brilliant opportunity has arisen for an aspiring individual to join part of a rapidly expanding health & fitness training academy. Velocity PT is at the forefront of fitness specific training helping you get from where you are, to where you want to be.

The ideal candidate will have in depth knowledge of the fitness industry, IT literate, confident, hardworking, punctual and a desire to hit targets.

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Strategies for sticking to goals

Setting goals is usually the easy part. It’s sticking to the goals that can prove to be the stumbling point. So here we have come up with a few different strategies to help build accountability.

Write goals down

All goals must be committed to paper with both the client and the instructor keeping copies for their records. The client should be encouraged to display the goals in a clear visible place. Read More