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What is Glycolysis?

You may have heard of this term before, especially if you have gone into completing further reading into the sciences of the human body. Or it may be completely new to you. Either way, if you’re an exercise science geek like ourselves, you’ll find the process of glycolysis interesting!


Glycolysis is the breakdown of carbohydrates, either glycogen stored in the muscle or glucose delivered in the blood, to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). The ATP provided by glycolysis supplements the creatine phosphate system initially and then becomes the primary source of fuel for high intensity muscular activity that lasts up to about 2 minutes. Read More

The science behind dehydration and performance

Dehydration… It’s a term that many people use lightly. But when it comes to performing or exercising, it can prove vital. We have all done it, going to the toilet and seeing our pee being a little too yellow than what it should be. But what happens if we then don’t hydrate after seeing the first sign of dehydration?


Dehydration stresses to the body:

– Your body temperature raises

– Your heart rate beats faster

– You burn more glycogen

– Your brain has trouble concentrating

– Exercise begins to feel much harder Read More