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Athlete interview with Team GB’s Sam Hinks

See what it takes to compete on the international stage as one of team GB’s Powerlifting athletes!

Every now and again Velocity PT Academy gets the chance to interview recognised athletes in their different sporting disciplines. Today’s interview is a special one, we are talking about the world of powerlifting. A sporting discipline that isn’t for the faint hearted. Sam Hinks is a junior powerlifter that competes in the under 93 Kg class. Sam has had a year to remember this year. In 2015 he was introduced to the world of powerlifting and it has only taken him a year to compete on a world stage representing his country. Sam has recently competed in the World Bench Press Championships in South Africa where he has competed in were he won the silver medal only missing out on gold through bodyweight. Anyway, we don’t want to spoil the interview for you, we will let Sam tell you all about his diet, workouts and what it takes to be the best in Europe at what he does. Read More

Personal Trainer Qualifications

When you’re searching for a personal training course, you must make sure you find an “accredited” course from a UK personal training company. To find out what courses they offer, you can check their online prospectus. You also need to consider how you want to learn (online, part time etc.) so you can choose the right course. Here are some of the different qualifications out there for personal trainers. Read More

Do online personal trainer courses work?

Become a personal trainer by studying online, in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere you like), at your own pace. Sounds too good to be true right? Actually, it’s not!

Taking an E-learning course to become a personal trainer is becoming more and more popular. Many people are reaping the benefits of online training courses and realising that regardless of their current situation, they can still train to be qualified in a career that they’re passionate about. Take for example, a parent who must continue working to pay the bills but is dreaming of a career in fitness. Taking the time out to study may not be an option but with the option of an E-learning course that dream becomes a reality. Read More

Get moving outdoors!

The sun is shining and summer is just around the corner so why not take your clients outdoors and try something new? Or have you thought about starting a bootcamp but you need some inspiration? Here are a few outdoor fitness ideas we’ve come up with for you to try!

Outdoor HIIT

HIIT is simple and extremely effective and can easily be moved outdoors due to the endless exercise options. You don’t even necessarily need any extra equipment so it’s super convenient too! Bodyweight exercises such as jumping jacks, push ups and high knee sprints to name a few! Read More

Treating your female personal training clients with respect

For male personal trainers that train female clients, it’s very important that you treat them with respect.

Here are 5 tips for treating female clients with respect:

– Be sensitive towards her insecurities
– Listen to her when she asks questions or needs help and don’t be patronising
– Be encouraging and supportive
– Don’t be inappropriate or rude
– Make sure she feels comfortable and safe in your gym Read More

5 signs you should definitely become a personal trainer!

If you think ‘Yep that’s definitely true!’ to most of these then it’s time to stop putting your dream career off any longer!

1. People always ask you for advice

Do you feel like you spend a lot of your time giving fitness tips and advice to friends and family? Or even people you don’t really know? If so, then this is something you could be doing regularly but making an income from it too! Read More

Velocity weekly workout: Kettlebell workout

This weeks weekly workout is a kettlebell workout!

Firstly, warm up with 10 minutes of steady cardio on a bike and then another 10 minutes on the rowing machine.

Repeat 15 reps of each exercise with minimal rest in between.

Complete 3 rounds!

1. Russian Kettlebell Swing Read More

Weekly workout

Spice up your morning cardio with this jump themed workout!

All you need is a skipping rope and less than 15 minutes!

Repeat each jump for 1 minute and rest for 1 minute before starting the next. Keep the pace fast!

Warm Up – 2 minutes of jumping jacks and 2 minutes of gentle on the spot jogging to warm up. Read More

April recipe of the month

Coconut Chocolate Brownies!

Still got the sweet tooth cravings after Easter? Try this healthy alternative chocolate brownie recipe with coconut frosting!


Ingredients for Brownie

– 600g Sweet Potato

– 80g Ground Almonds

– 100g Brown Rice Flour Read More