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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Velocity?

Velocity PT Academy is an exclusive private training provider that has been set up by industry-experienced professionals to educate and inspire people to unlock their potential.

Velocity PT Academy has a vision to change the perception of personal training courses in the industry. We believe that in order to become a fully qualified fitness professional you need your learning experience to suit you as an individual, that’s why we have our 2 main study options of our part-time and online courses. But why choose us? Read More

Compound Exercises vs. Isolation Exercises

Compound Exercises vs. Isolation Exercises

Isolation is a waste of time. Just do all the big compound lifts, and the little muscles will take care of themselves… Right?

Multi-joint movements like squats and pull-ups should undoubtedly make up the bulk of training. However, multi-joint exercises are suboptimal for training certain muscles. Take the hamstrings and biceps, for instance. Since they don’t change length appreciably during compound lifts, isolation is actually the best way to strengthen them. Especially if these muscles are weak links in the chain, isolation is a must. Plus, it’s nice to give the people what they want. Read More

Intermittent Fasting 101

Intermittent Fasting 101

There’s a ton of incredibly promising intermittent fasting (IF) research done on rats. They lose weight, their blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars improve… but they’re rats. Studies in humans, almost across the board, have shown that IF is safe and incredibly effective, but really no more effective than any other diet. In addition, many people find it difficult to fast. Read More

Level 3 Qualified? What Does Level 4 Sports Massage Involve?

Level 3 Qualified? What Does Level 4 Sports Massage Involve?

So, you are qualified in level 3 sports massage. Are you looking to further develop your skills making you a more knowledgeable & effective therapist?

Velocity PT Academy are proud to announce a new level 4 sports massage qualification! The course is an International level 4 certificate in sports massage therapy. The purpose of this level 4 qualification is to progress therapist’s understanding of advanced anatomical, physiological and pathological principles to aid the application of sports massage. Read More

Special Populations – Visually Impaired

When dealing with special populations, you must take extra precautions to ensure you are safe within the workplace and so that they feel comfortable.

There are three levels of classifications for visual impairment as defined by Parasports (

-B1 (Blind) – Unable to recognise the form of a hand in any direction or at any distance Read More

Working within an Elite Sports Team – Sports Massage Therapist

Working within an elite sport team and being part of their success is a wholly rewarding experience. However, you must remember there’s no ‘Olympic games for Massage Therapists!’

Your main role it to fully support the athletes in all they do while competing. In this environment, you shall work with highly skilled performance medical team, which is completely different than being in a clinic environment. Having the skill and knowledge, is only half of the battle you must have complete accountability and responsibility for your role in the team. It is important everyone’s roles are stated clearly, and all members understand how their roles will overlap and complement one another. This ensures athletes have exactly what they need, and that work is evenly spread as a competitive environment can be extremely stressful. Read More

Preparing for a Postural Assessment

How do you carry an assessment out? What equipment do you need? How long should it take? What are you even looking for? All questions which are often asked when completing a Postural Assessment.

So, let’s begin with the equipment needed in order to perform and full and efficient Postural Assessment.

-A warm, private room

-A full length mirror

-Body crayons & cleansing wipes

-Postural assessment charts Read More

Post-Event Massage Explained

Post-Event massage is the most common form of event massage, and volunteer situations are often plentiful. Volunteering is a great way to be introduced to the art of event work and learn about the requirements of each sport. Frequently, you will get someone new to massage after an event such as a marathon, which can be an opportunity to educate the person about the benefits of regular massage.

Is Post-Event Massage Appropriate?

The main purpose of post-event massage is to bring the tissue back to a pre-event state by flushing them out, and to be observant and identify and injuries or current conditions that require first aid or medical attention. If a medical team is not doing post-event assessments, you will need to do a consultation prior to starting the massage. You must be aware of the signs and symptoms of the most common problems and be equipped to deal with them. Read More

Inter-Event Massage Explained

Inter event massages combine elements of both the pre and post event massage. It serves as a preparation for the next event, and an evaluation on how the athlete is coping.

Is an Inter-Event Massage Appropriate?

The purpose of an inter-event massage is to prepare for the next event as well as to assess for any injuries. It is not a complete recovery massage, but it will help the client flush out and prepare the tissue for further work. Because you want to maintain the energy in the muscles and avoid overworking and weakening them, consider the speed and depth. Read More

Pre-Event Massage Explained

Event work can be rewarding yet extremely challenging and has an air of excitement to its work. The downside means there can be poor working conditions with low or non-existent monetary rewards and working long hours. Event massages challenge your ability to respond quickly to a multitude of situations.

A pre-event massage can take place anywhere from a few days to a few minutes before the event. Because it’s primary focus is to prepare the athlete to perform a specific task. Understanding the demands of the sport usually help you decide which muscles you should be targeting. Read More