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New Qualification – Level 3 Award in Supporting Pre & Post Natal Clients

New qualification announcement! We are proud to announce that we now offer students the chance to increase their knowledge on pre & post-natal clients with our new Level 3 Qualification.

Physical activity is known to be part of a healthy lifestyle and many women wish to pursue and active lifestyle during pregnancy as well as into the postnatal period, whether they are an experienced exerciser or a newcomer. Upon becoming pregnant, many regular exercisers wish to continue participating in their chosen activities without fear of harming themselves or their baby. Read More

Apprenticeships are for life, not just school leavers

So, if you hadn’t noticed February 3rd to 9th was National Apprenticeship week and we are proud to announce we are an active supporter of apprenticeships with our 5 amazing apprenticeships.

“Wait, you’re not just a fitness provider?” Don’t worry we hear you, if you haven’t seen any of our social posts over the last week or listened to episode #025 of VelocityRadio you won’t know that we’ve began rolling out 4 new apprenticeships alongside our already distinguished Level 3 Personal Training Apprenticeship. These include – Read More

Let’s jump on a podcast

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so you’ll see that we’ve created our own podcast – VelocityRadio.

With our more than a course mantra, we want to offer students just that – more than a course. We don’t want you to just achieve your qualification and never hear off you again, we want to ensure we have a life-long connection. This is what you will have seen of you’ve accessed our Members Portal, we are offering you a whole armoury of extra modules, resources and discounts to ensure we are completely connected! Read More

What is a handover?

A handover is something all professionals need to know how to complete in the gym environment.

Essentially a handover is just a written message to another member of staff starting their shift as yours is ending. It informs them of everything happening they need to know about while they’re on shift. Read More

What is a SWOT?

A SWOT analysis essentially allows you to reflect on yourself and it highlights ways in which you can improve your skills, knowledge and practise. Why don’t you have a look at completing a SWOT analysis for yourself? Here’s some tips!

So, what does SWOT stand for?

– Strength

– Weakness

– Opportunity

– Threat

A strength is what it says, it’s something you believe you’re good at. This could be taking spin classes for example. Read More

What should you be sharing?

Social media has transformed our lives. The day to day interactions we are having today compared to just a few years ago has been phenomenal. More professionals have a social page before having a website! However, with the increase in medias, comes a confusion about just what we should be sharing! Here’s a quick guide to socials –

Facebook – The largest social site in the world. It’s great to find services near you and for you to promote what you’re doing! So, we recommend that on Facebook you share only professional aspects to your business profile and keep your private page to stuff in your personal life. Just because your clients are friends, they probably aren’t all fussed that you went on session at the weekend. Read More

Gym Scenarios 101 How do you react?

As part of a learning article we are going to present a few scenarios which happen often in the gym, which you need to learn to react to.

Scenario 1 – Whilst working the gym floor you notice an individual checking over the notice board.

What’s your plan here? We recommend you walk over and start up a conversation with the individual! Introduce yourself and ask them about what notices attract them most, these could include set classes or the trainers available in the gym. From here you can introduce your services, and who may run the classes which interest them, as well as providing times and motivating them to take part. This is all part of going the extra mile to ensure client retention! Read More

How can you ensure you retain your clients?

Client retention to you as a fitness professional and the gym as a whole is vital. Research suggests its easier and cheaper to retain clients, than to search for new ones which is very true as you save money marketing!

The possibility of up-selling to an existing customer is much higher than selling to a new one, this is due to the trust and relationship which you have both built. Essentially retaining clients ensures a constant income which allows you to be comfortable in your job! Read More

How do you know which gym is for you?

With the New Year comes new fitness goals and aspirations, so if you haven’t already joined a gym yet here’s a quick guide on how to analyse which gyms best for you!

Don’t forget to analyse your local gym before going elsewhere! They may be smaller in size; however, they may have different benefits compared to other commercial gyms.

Step 1 – The products available Read More

What insurance do you need as a fitness professional?

The risk of injury and illness are higher for health & fitness customers than customers in any other industry. Insurance claim can be therefore very regular and typical claims include:

– Injury due to negligence or poor advice

– Psychological damage

– Lack of progress towards goals

– Harassment

– Sexual Harassment

Therefore, you must ensure you have public liability insurance as this cover fitness professionals against negligence resulting in injury, illness or property damage. You must ensure you understand what you are covered against, and how your employer will support you if a claim is made. Read More