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What factors may influence a client’s ability to recover from injury?

An injury can be described as harm or hurt inflicted on a part of the body. An injury is a specific condition with a specific pathology. Dysfunction cannot be so easily identified and can be described as a non-pathological impairment or abnormality in soft tissue function.

A number of factors can affect a person’s likelihood of experiencing an injury or dysfunction. These include:



-Body composition




-Activity levels

-Sporting participation Read More

What are the main reasons to defer treatment or refer to a medical professional?

It is essential that the sports massage practitioner treats within their scope of professional practice.

The SMT will not always have the ability to treat every client who enters their clinic. Where appropriate, referring a client to another practitioner or medically qualified individual will help identify the problem and increase the client’s chance of a fast recovery. In many cases, the client will be referred back to the therapist with specific advice which will assist in correct treatment. Read More

What are the different type of joint-end feels?

There are multiple types of joint end-feels all of which are different for each individual!

Bone on Bone

When the end of range is encountered, the SMT will feel the bone on bone contact as the articular surfaces meet. This end-feel will be hard and abrupt.

If the SMT feels any grating, grinding or juddering towards the end of this range or if the ROM is limited, it is likely that this is abnormal. If the ROM is appropriate and the hard sensation is clean (e.g. when reaching the end of range during elbow extension), it is likely this end-feel is normal. Read More

Why is a healthy balanced diet essential for fuelling and recovering from exercise and physical activity?

Having a healthy balanced diet is crucial for everyone no matter what. However, a healthy diet really ensures the body is well prepared for exercise and well refuelled after completing exercise.

By healthy balanced diet, we talk about the right mixture of macro and micronutrients being taken in regularly in order ensure the body have enough nutrition for growth and repair. When we refer to a healthy balanced diet we often presume straight away we are just talking about the food we are eating, however we also must pay attention to the hydration factors and watch what we’re drinking and how much. Read More

What is the role of each macronutrient in post-exercise recovery?

As well as being a great source of energy to fuel the body for exercise, macronutrients also provide a great effect on the body post workout as they aid recovery.


Proteins are possibly the most commonly known aider of recovery after exercise. Every cell in the human body contains protein. It’s main role within the body is to repair cells and damaged tissue, this is why it is constantly being created and broke down in all areas of the body. Read More

What are the most common medical conditions associated with old age?

An older adult is referred to as an individual over the age of 65. The effects of ageing are something which cannot be stopped or put on hold, however the rate in which individuals age is completely different. With this in mind older adults may encounter medical conditions at different times.

There are a multitude of possible medical conditions which are more commonly associated with older individuals. Let’s look at the top 3 along with their signs and symptoms.

-Osteoporosis – This is a disease characterised by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue leading to bone fragility and increased risk of fracture of break. The main signs of symptoms of such disease is through the decreased movement in joints which causes pain and discomfort for the individual. This results in a lower ability to develop power and momentum. This is due to the loss of fast twitch fibres Read More

Student reviews of Velocity PT Academy!

Getting feedback from our students in crucial, it helps us develop and understand the areas which may need improvement. It also ensures to future students that we are the number 1 fitness training course provider.

Matt Welch

“I attended both the level 2 and 3 personal training courses at Velocity PT Academy. I found these courses to be excellent being both fully comprehensive and well delivered by an experienced tutor.  I would definitely recommend Velocity PT Academy to anyone wishing to obtain any of their range of fitness industry recognised qualifications and would definitely use their services again myself in the future to further my own education in the field.” Read More


Ben Newbould, the man who took an idea and created Velocity PT Academy. Ben prides himself on always learning and improving to ensure his students have the best possible experience, as well as ensuring that Velocity is constantly growing. He’s clinical when ensuring everything is done to the best of his ability, especially the office Fantasy Football. He’s like a young Fergie.

What are your previous experiences & achievements

-Apprentice footballer at York City FC

-Experienced qualified Personal Trainer

-Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist

-Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist Read More


Velocity’s first ‘work experience boy’, the perfect title as he looks about 12. When Brandon’s not eating everything in sight or trying to wind up Graham – which he’s quite good at, he has a keen eye for visuals and marketing creativity with a focus on social media content.

What are your experiences and achievements?
• Currently studying for a BA Hons degree in Sports Business Management
• Previous work marketing at Leeds United FC

What is your specialist area?
My specialist area is marketing for Velocity, I love creating new ways to market and show off new aspects of Velocity, whether it be creating new campaigns or editing videos. Read More